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Friday, December 18, 2015

Pinaltok: Coconut Milk Rice Balls And Purple Yam Dessert

Pinaltok : Coconut Milk and Glutinous Rice Balls Dessert

This is a twist on a dessert I grew up with

1. Make the Rice Balls
1/2 c powdered glutinous rice 
2 T purple yam powder
1/4 c water + 2 T (or add according to your preference)
Mix and form into small 3/4 in. balls

2. Make the Thickener
2 T of glutinous rice flour
1 T of purple yam powder
1/4 c water
Mix together

3. Make the Coconut Sauce
1 can coconut milk
2 c water
1 pandan tied into a knot 
1/2 can young coconut meat cut into strips 
(or fresh young coconut strips)
1 pandan leaf


Boil the coconut milk, water and pandan leaf (tied in a knot)
Add the glutinous rice balls
Cook until it rises on top
Add the young coconut strips
Add 3 T 100% pure cane syrup 
(or sweetener you prefer)
Serve warm 

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