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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rice Part 5 Sushi, Food, Sex and Art

In the previous post, i wrote about a recipe of a rice milk drink with cardamom and as i browse through the 'newsfeed' in Facebook, i saw the picture above.

Here, the body and food is being abused in the name of so-called 'art'. 

*Why do we use rice and food in general to feed the mind?

We did not see that when we use food to feed the mind we abuse food and because the physical/body is being resourced for energy for the mind to exist, we abuse the body as well

*Why are we not aware that when we think thoughts we are resourcing the body of energy to feed the mind?

We exist in an alternate reality as the mind, thinking thoughts, backchatting, reacting etc. - never really here as breath in every moment.

*Why are we accepting and allowing plants or food in general to be used to entertain us within the excuse that 'it is beautiful' - justifying this by saying 'this is art'?

We have done that as the 'evil' us - so we have to take self-responsibility and forgive ourselves for accepting and allowing that, then write a blog about it and rewrite ourselves - commit to correct ourselves and practically live that. 

*Why do we prepare rice, make sushi out of it and then put it on our body and call it art?
All because we desire to be entertained by beauty - to 'be happy' and believe that, that justifies that.

I say, this is totally Unacceptable.

I can see that what is fueling this is FEAR of loss/survival/ugliness//not being entertained/not being happy.

The positive comes from the negative.

In this blog i am questioning our use of rice/plants/food in sex in so-called 'art'. 

I am also looking at the word 'art'.

Here's the definition of 'Art' from the Bing Dictionary:
beautiful objects: beautiful or thought-provoking works produced through creative activity

This is a mind definition of art

These are the ways in which we live it:

We use RICE to prepare sushi, then we put it on an almost naked body
of a woman
to get money and profit
Abuse of food and humans/women 
for money and profit

We use food to get money and profit from entertaining people's eyes - in the form of so called 'art'
Abuse of food for 'art's sake'

We use food and carve them to entertain people in restaurants and events
to get money and profit 
Abuse of food and art

Here's a realistic perspective of art:


And that that ... artwork piece is the manifestation of the expression of you within and as oneness and equality of yourself. It's got no value, It's got no worth, its got no importance. it is a manifestation of the expression of you in a moment. It does not influence you, It does not change you, it does not control you...It is what it is. It is what it is in the moment of the expression. But self-expression in itself is actually who you are in every moment of every breath of self-honesty. That is self-expression.

Food is being used too in sex, for money and profit

This is abuse of food and the body - within sex

There are many more abuses where rice or in general, food/plants/animals/humans
are used to entertain the mind. 

Bottom line is the body is being abused/resourced for the mind to exist.

While this is happening, there are people who do not eat 3 times a day.

We have to stop participating in desires etc. 
Let's walk back to look at where the fear that fuels this started.

 Self-forgiveness and commitment to correction in practical living 
breath by breath is key.

It is also important for us to create a world system that supports survival of all life - a balanced economy as a balanced ecosystem that supports life.

Money has to be given a value equal to life and all life for that matter.

While Billionaires have mega yatchs costing hundreds of millions of dollars, and with net worth equal to Billions of dollars, the poor and the unemployed can barely survive and there are those who die of hunger in Africa.

We have to give the poor and the unemployed a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed so they can get the basic necessities they need to survive. This is possible and doable if the corporations who profit from the earth's natural resources like water, oil etc. are nationalized and would give part of their income to the poor and the unemployed. 

The earth's resources are given to all of us equally, for all to survive not just to a few.


I commit myself to show, that Life as ‘lifestyle’ as origin as source as resource, is Given: Equally – to every Body of Life; and that dominion is to those that are able to distribute this which is Given Freely, Equally to All – that no-one may need or desire anything that will cause this separation that now exist as ‘lifestyle’ on Earth. 

I commit myself to Call on those claiming to be experts in Economics, to remove their Fears and prejudices, and to walk in Forgiveness for what they have allowed on Earth, and to rectify the situation so that All Life may be Equal at the table, prepared for Each One to have enough to Eat and Drink, and to have a Home and a lifestyle worth Living to such measure that that is the Inheritance they give to All Children that may ever be born on Earth for All Time – as that is the Foundation of Eternal Peace and Love on Earth'

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rice Part 4 Raw Brown Rice Milk Drink with Cardamom: Cardamom Horchata:


1/2 c rice
1 c water
1 Tbsp tahini
4 Tbsp unrefined coconut palm sugar
6 Tbsp coconut cream powder
1/2 tsp cardamom ground and/or cinnamon
1 banana
Yield: for 3-4 people

Soak the rice in water. 
Let the rice soak for 1 hr

Put the rice and water in the blender. 


Note: I used a powerful blender called 'Blendtec'

Normal blenders can be used too.

Strain with a cheescloth or a 'produce bag'

Note: i bought mine from The Container store for about $7

Keep the rice milk (liquid)

Note: the pulp can be used to make another dish

Take 1 Tbsp Tahini

Note: Tahini is sesame paste

Put 1/2 c of the rice milk, chopped banana, unrefined coconut sugar, 
tahini, ice and coconut cream powder inside the blender.

Blend until the preferred consistency

Note: the rest of the rice milk can be stored in the refrigerator and can be 
used in making other drinks

This is the blended drink.

Pour the blended drink in a glass
Get extra cardamom to sprinkle on top of the drink



Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rice, The Body and Money Part 2

In the previous post i wrote about rice nutrition and how we use rice in marriage ceremonies, and how changing the way we see money and rice can benefit us all.

This blog is a continuation of that blog.

The second point i want to discuss here is this,

Due to our obsession with beautifying ourselves to be 'special', to be liked by others we give different food items a value that is more than or less than Life depending on what will make us win in this world of inequality where 'competition is the name of the game' that's why we call it the 'game of Life'. Life is not a game. It is about expressing ourselves here and standing for what is best for all.

We blame this physical existence for perceived loss, instead of taking self-responsibility for all that is here.

Instead of seeing rice as a source of nutrition to assist the body to survive, we blame rice in making us 'fat and ugly' which is how we interpret reality based on our fears.

We fail to see that this desire is fueled by our fear of losing - desiring to win in a world of competition -a world of inequality where the body is being abused and is being used to give more value to oneself. We fear losing value when we put on weight. We blame rice and other food items that contains carbohydrates for this. 

We do not see that we are the ones inhabiting this body and is being assisted by it and so we have the responsibility to regulate the amount of carbohydrates we take and what other condiments we add to it and make sure our body has all the nutrition it needs

Having failed to take self-responsibility, we fear the consequence of our actions which is for example eating a lot of rice and seeing our body is increasing in size, we blame rice as the one that is making us fat and this is so with other foods containing carbohydrates. 

Our excuse is that we have to stay Fit as the 'fit and sexy' personality and so we justify being in a low carbohydrate diet believing that that diet will make us 'feel better' about ourselves.

We did not see that it is the fear of losing that is fueling this desire to win through being in a certain type of diet.

Interestingly enough this desire is being impulsed by the media for money and profit just like we impulse others to buy raw food products to lose weight, enroll in Weight Watchers to lose weight, Jenny Craig and many more. Within this, we use our so called 'beautiful, fit and sexy people' to advertise our products. impulsing our desire for those within our inflated view of reality.

Corporations have big advertising budgets for this purpose - to impulse our desire to buy products that will satisfy our needs.

The Purpose: Money and Profit.

What we have to look at is how we can even out the 'playing field' so to speak where there will be no one losing - where everybody wins. 

We have to consider all, not just ourselves. We have to give the poor and the unemployed their rightful share by giving them a Basic/Living Income, that is Guaranteed - BIG or LIG (Living Income Guaranteed).

This is doable and practical.

It has Not been done, Not because we can't do it, but because we are just looking out for ourselves, our families etc. without realizing that if we continue this way = We all lose. 

The earth has given all of us equal share to its natural resources so that we all may equally survive. It is not given to a few. It is for all of us. 

Nationalizing corporations whose product is water, oil etc. and giving part of their profit to the poor and unemployed as a Basic/Living Income the solution. The more money in circulation, the more Demand for products produced by corporations. This is a 'win-win' solution.

Obviously, we have to be practical and see that when BIG/LIG becomes a reality, we have to change the economic model: it's just not working.

For Perspective:
Read Part 1

Rice, Nutrition,and Money Part 1

According to Wikipedia:

Rice is the seed of the monocot plants Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or Oryza glaberrima (African rice). As a cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in Asia. It is the grain with the second-highest worldwide production, after maize (corn), according to data for 2010.

We use rice in making different dishes.

Rice is here to also assist the body to get nutrition.

According to Nutrition Data, cooked long grain, brown Rice has a completeness score of 28 and an Amino Acid Score of 71 and that it is a good source of  Thiamine, Folate and Manganese.

In my my previous blog, i wrote about fried rice and the Philippine 'sinangag' and how the Filipino's desire for fried rice is being satisfied by Philippine Food chain like 'Sinangag Express' in exchange for profit etc.

In this blog i would like to investigate the way we use Rice in this world.

Firstly, we eat food which includes rice - cooked, or raw/sprouted -without seeing and realizing why we are eating food. We do not see that food items such as Rice is here to support the body. What we do most of the time is we eat rice with other dishes to Feed our Desires.

We use rice  in 'House Blessing Ceremonies' to make the house 'attract good fortune' which is really desiring more money for the occupants because money = happiness and that is our definition of 'good fortune'.

We fail to see that this desire for good fortune is fueled by fear of not having money to buy the basic necessities to survive in a world where survival is not guaranteed.

We fail to see that 'good fortune' can be redefined as that which is best for all - where all can win - living life as equals where all have money to buy the basic necessities to survive.

Why do we desire good fortune or what is best for just ourselves - our family and friends, and not all creatures? That is self-interest. Interestingly enough, what is best for all of us is essentially what is best for the individual - because the individual is the indivisible whole.

Where i grew up, we serve rice to give pleasure to our family and friends in events or fiestas (feasts) and we use it in weddings.

We throw rice to the bridegroom and the bride when the marriage ceremony is over for good luck to wish them a happy and abundant life not realizing that to wish some and not all an enjoyable life is based on ones desire to win and for the rest to loose. Some poor people does not even have rice to feed themselves 3 square meals a day and that 'abundance for some' means depriving others of what's due them.

We fail to see that our fear of not having enough food to eat is impulsed by an unequal world system.

So, instead of 'desiring to have a happy and abundant life for just our family and friends' who are getting married, and using rice to 'bring good luck' which is based on a belief, we have to look at our beliefs and see that all of us is birthed here and that all of us have to - live life and enjoy Life.

So, the way to Life is to stand for that which is what is best for all, also being grateful to plants, and to see that Rice and see that all food items are here as expressions of Life, so it is commonsensical to give them a value equal to Life.

We have to also give the same value to all humans equally and show practically that we can all ive in a way that we all win by living as equals and giving the poor and unemployed a life of dignity and consider a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death - BIG or LIG (Living Income Guaranteed).

Watch Part 2

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Philippine Fried Rice and The World System: 'Sinangag' Salad

'Asian' Fried Rice That's Not Fried

Facebook Page

Cancer Cure

Paranoia of Eating Healthy

I call this recipe 'Fried Rice Salad'. This recipe uses different vegetables, cashews etc. added to the rice with some mint, lemongrass and basil. 

1 1/2 c Basmati rice
3 c water (more if needed)
4 Tablespoons *lemongrass water mixture
(1/4 c  sliced lemongrass- 1/2 c water  Blended :optional)
1/2 c thawed frozen peas
1/2 c thawed frozen corn
1/4 nori sheet cut up into strips
1/2 c washed raw cashews (or roasted cashews) 
4-5 leaves big sweet basil 
3 Tbsp Braggs Liquid aminos (no salt soy sauce) or soy sauce (as needed) 
2 Tbsp Olive oil

Note: It is advised that you 
adjust the recipe according to your body's preference.  


Put the rice and the water in a pot with the lemongrass water. Cook on high until it boils.
Turn the thermostat to low and simmer until done. 

Remove the steamed rice from the fire and put all ingredients in, while the rice is still hot.

Combine All Ingredients folding the vegetables, the soy sauce and the olive oil 

Get a plate and put the rice in the middle of it. 
Serve with any cooked meat dish, vegetarian meat,  vegan meat or raw vegan meat dish 


I grew up eating fried rice made of sauteed garlic and salt.In the Philippines we call this dish, 'Sinangag'.

The way we cook it is, when there's left-over rice from the day before, we recycle this by sprinkling it with a little bit of water to soften it a bit, then we sprinkle a pinch of salt, mix it with our hands to remove clumps of rice and then we fry the rice in vegetable oil with smashed garlic that are cooked until golden brown, resulting in a firmer rice texture with a fried garlic aroma. 

Unfortunately, the poor sometimes only eat rice with salt because that's what they can afford. They do not have that much money to be able to cook a fried rice 'sinangag dish' with eggs etc.

The aroma of the fried garlic fills the kitchen when we wake up in the morning.

We ate this during breakfast with scrambled eggs, or sunny side up, and fried milkfish marinated in garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper.  We also ate fried rice with fried sardines which we call 'tuyo' meaning 'dry', which has a distinct fishy 'dried fish' aroma that permeates the whole house.

This is what my mom and grandmother fed us. 

As i walk back, i can see that i ate this for the pleasure of eating it accepting and allowing my mind to direct me , rather than me directing me - rather than looking at what the body needs.

The salty taste of the fish plus the fat in the rice and the aroma of the garlic plus the soft texture of the egg, contrasting with the firm texture of the fired dried sardines creates a 'pleasant mind experience' where i connected the words fried rice, 'family', 'happiness' 'love' etc. which is not really what the word 'fried rice' nor what the word 'eating' means. 

I redefined the word 'Eating' here:

When i got married the first thing i learned was to cook to be able to give my 'then' husband good food for his 'pleasure' -as i assumed that he would get 'pleasure from it as i did, when i believed my mom gave me 'pleasure' through cooking me food. This is how i defined myself within cooking and eating. I was cooking trying to give 'pleasure' and eating to get 'pleasure' which made eating a 'pleasure mind experience' or a 'happy experience' rather than a real physical experience

Looking at society, as how we exist now in this unequal world system, this desire for 'pleasure' or 'happiness' is the one that drives consumerism. We can see that whatever food we like is being produced by food companies in exchange for money and profit.

If we look deeper we will see that the advertisements presented in the media are impulsing our desire to eat tasty food and in exchange for the 'pleasure' we get out of eating them we give them money and profit.

For example, companies like the "Sinangag Express' in the Philippines, produce 'sinangag' or fried rice and other dishes to give the Filipinos 'pleasure' in exchange for money and profit. 


We can see that McDonald advertise hamburgers which is a popular sandwich in the world. This became popular because people like to eat them and Mc Donald capitalized on that so developed a hamburger that will satisfy that desire. The interesting question to ask ourselves is, 'did we create McDonalds'? Using commonsense, i'd say yes.

If we are paying attention to what's happening in this physical reality, we can see that these food items and other things we use to produce food comes from the earth. 

The vegetables, fruits, animal meats. veggie meats etc.come from the earth.

The electricity, water, air etc. comes from the earth and these natural resources are being sold by big corporations to food producers and households to earn money and profit.

Did we create them too?

We created a 'pleasure' or 'happiness' based society and the consequence of that, we have to face.

While the poor and unemployed are born in this world just like all of us, they are not being given equal opportunity to survive. The money earned from the earth's natural resources by the big corporations can be given to the unemployed as Guaranteed Basic Income so all of us can survive, we have to realize this is possible and doable.

Is this relevant to cooking and food preparation? Absolutely.

Making recipes to support the body is one thing, but we have to also look at other aspects of food production relating to all parts of our life - from the point of what will benefit all of us, instead of 'what will give us 'pleasure' or 'happiness' within our mind.

So, now that we have seen how humans connect food to 'pleasure, money etc, we are ready to make a fried rice 'Sinangag' Salad.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Philippine 'Cassava Cake' Using Unrefined Sugar

Bringing the memory back here - of when i used to eat cassava cake made out of grated cassava, condensed milk, white sugar, strings of coconut sport which is gelatinous taken from our neighbor's backyard, who gladly gives us one for free and evaporated milk. This sweet has a texture that is gelatinous but firm. 

Coconut sport

Young Coconut:

Make Young Coconut Strings 
Note: Cut the young coconut meat into strips if they are meaty

When we visit the city, Quezon City, we usually purchase the 'cassava special' in a store called 'Goldilocks' that sells 'cassava cake' made with additional eggs and cheese on top which increases the yumm 'experience' of the dish due to the sweet taste of the cassava underneath with the slightly salty taste of cheese on top. Another 'plus point' of this dish is that there's the 'complex experience' coming from the texture of the cassava underneath which is soft but firm and gelatinous plus a bit of coconut strings touching the tongue from time to time. The condensed milk and the evaporated milk gives this dish a creamy  sweet taste.

This 'sweet salty taste experience' plus the soft gelatinous, firm but with some stringy texture (due to the coconut sport strings)' makes this dish a dessert that is served in events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, 'despedida' or 'goodbye' parties, marriage receptions, viewings etc.   

I turned this into a vegetarian dish when i did yoga and meditation because i followed the 'sentient diet' which classifies food according to the kind of energy in them. But as i investigated more about food, i used  commonsense and found out the facts:

*Food (as plants and animal sources) gives the body energy for it to survive. It is when the mind starts interpreting the physical where  the problem starts because i started to connect the words 'healthy' and 'eating' to other words which does not match what is real as per what the definition/redefinition of words i use  - where i create another reality that is not physical within my mind and then i judge food according to that, instead of stopping creating mind meanings which is not based on reality like 'healthy' to 'happy' and 'eating' to 'family' when these words are not really about that:

 I copied others, interpreted their behaviors and connected words to other words according to my interpretations.
 I am now correcting myself within my use of words.

*Refined sugar affects children. They became 'hyper-active' when they eat a lot of sugar

I developed a 'Cassava Cake' Recipe which uses unrefined sugar.

Cassava Cake Recipe

1 pack (16 oz) grated thawed frozen cassava
1/2 c unrefined coconut palm sugar *blended into a powder (optional)
1/2 c water plus 1 and 1/4 c coconut cream powder
3 eggs
4 Tbsp butter melted  (optional)
1/4 c grated cheese of your choice (cheddar or parmesan will do)
1 and 1/2 c young coconut strings (drained)

Vegetarian version: use Egg replacer instead of eggs
(EnerG brand: 1 and 1/2 teaspoons plus 2 Tbsp warm water = 1 egg)

Mix together the water, coconut cream powder, eggs and butter with a whisk.
Add the grated cassava. Mix well.

Prepare the young coconut meat strings. 

Put the young coconut strings in the cassava - coconut  mixture.

Put grated cheese on top

Microwave for 10 -13 minutes
Note: If using small plastic muffin cups (microwave safe), 10 minutes will be enough 
If using a 6 inch or a 7 inch diameter silicone pan, round or square (or microwave safe plastic cake pan), extend to 13 minutes

Put under a broiler until top is golden but not dark brown

To serve, cut a slice. 
Put on a plate and put coconut cream or cream made from cow's milk.
Taste it, and add agave nectar or honey when needed.

Note: I found that when refrigerated, adding coconut cream is enough.

How To Make Coconut Cream:
To make coconut cream, mix 1 Tablespoon of water to 5 Tablespoons of coconut cream powder.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Redefining The Word 'Breatharianism'

Sounding The Word 'Breatharianism' :
Breath A-s in a R-elationship to 'I' imagining A-ir as e-N-ergy, as an organ-ISM in a world of inequality
Redefining the Word Breatharian
An alleged ability to live without food and water for short periods or longer periods.
This is based on how we defined air as nourishment, believing that being nourished by air is being a superior human, believing that being nourished by prana is better than being nourished by solid and liquid food and therefore superior to both - seeing air nourishment as equal to 'not eating' or 'inedia' within ones mind, and within this, giving a value to 'air' that is 'more than' Life  and giving a value to solid and liquid food that is 'less than' Life. 
There is a belief that this way one transcends hunger and because of this, breatharianism is also believed as the answer to poverty believing that if people learn how to be nourished by air then hunger and poverty will not exist. 
This mind point of view is fueled by fear of dying when faced with hunger within fear of survival - where one believes that when there is no solid or liquid food in sight ones health will be compromised. This can happen in a world system where all is not given an equal share to all the resources given equally for all by the earth.  
There is a desire to have the 'best diet' defined within ones mind based on what one  likes which includes eternal life or what ones dislikes which includes hunger and limitation. The excuse is that one has to survive as superior to others - being able to transcend hunger. This does not consider reality as all that is here living as equals- where all are living equally from what is being given by the earth and all have enough food/nourishment to survive in dignity from birth 'till death.
We have to realize that the value of everything here is equal to Life:
Air = Life
Solid food = Life
Liquid Food = Life
is living without food and water – where one births oneself as a real character in flesh and blood developing an equal and one relationship to the physical body, realizing it is made of substance all are made of - the dust of the earth, aware of itself,  and developing an equal and one relationship to all that is here –  the air, the plants, water, animals , humans etc. 
The preference to use air  as nourishment has to be cross- referenced with all standing as life- agreed within using common sense that that is what is best for all.