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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rice, The Body and Money Part 2

In the previous post i wrote about rice nutrition and how we use rice in marriage ceremonies, and how changing the way we see money and rice can benefit us all.

This blog is a continuation of that blog.

The second point i want to discuss here is this,

Due to our obsession with beautifying ourselves to be 'special', to be liked by others we give different food items a value that is more than or less than Life depending on what will make us win in this world of inequality where 'competition is the name of the game' that's why we call it the 'game of Life'. Life is not a game. It is about expressing ourselves here and standing for what is best for all.

We blame this physical existence for perceived loss, instead of taking self-responsibility for all that is here.

Instead of seeing rice as a source of nutrition to assist the body to survive, we blame rice in making us 'fat and ugly' which is how we interpret reality based on our fears.

We fail to see that this desire is fueled by our fear of losing - desiring to win in a world of competition -a world of inequality where the body is being abused and is being used to give more value to oneself. We fear losing value when we put on weight. We blame rice and other food items that contains carbohydrates for this. 

We do not see that we are the ones inhabiting this body and is being assisted by it and so we have the responsibility to regulate the amount of carbohydrates we take and what other condiments we add to it and make sure our body has all the nutrition it needs

Having failed to take self-responsibility, we fear the consequence of our actions which is for example eating a lot of rice and seeing our body is increasing in size, we blame rice as the one that is making us fat and this is so with other foods containing carbohydrates. 

Our excuse is that we have to stay Fit as the 'fit and sexy' personality and so we justify being in a low carbohydrate diet believing that that diet will make us 'feel better' about ourselves.

We did not see that it is the fear of losing that is fueling this desire to win through being in a certain type of diet.

Interestingly enough this desire is being impulsed by the media for money and profit just like we impulse others to buy raw food products to lose weight, enroll in Weight Watchers to lose weight, Jenny Craig and many more. Within this, we use our so called 'beautiful, fit and sexy people' to advertise our products. impulsing our desire for those within our inflated view of reality.

Corporations have big advertising budgets for this purpose - to impulse our desire to buy products that will satisfy our needs.

The Purpose: Money and Profit.

What we have to look at is how we can even out the 'playing field' so to speak where there will be no one losing - where everybody wins. 

We have to consider all, not just ourselves. We have to give the poor and the unemployed their rightful share by giving them a Basic/Living Income, that is Guaranteed - BIG or LIG (Living Income Guaranteed).

This is doable and practical.

It has Not been done, Not because we can't do it, but because we are just looking out for ourselves, our families etc. without realizing that if we continue this way = We all lose. 

The earth has given all of us equal share to its natural resources so that we all may equally survive. It is not given to a few. It is for all of us. 

Nationalizing corporations whose product is water, oil etc. and giving part of their profit to the poor and unemployed as a Basic/Living Income the solution. The more money in circulation, the more Demand for products produced by corporations. This is a 'win-win' solution.

Obviously, we have to be practical and see that when BIG/LIG becomes a reality, we have to change the economic model: it's just not working.

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