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Friday, August 16, 2013

Redefining The Word 'Breatharianism'

Sounding The Word 'Breatharianism' :
Breath A-s in a R-elationship to 'I' imagining A-ir as e-N-ergy, as an organ-ISM in a world of inequality
Redefining the Word Breatharian
An alleged ability to live without food and water for short periods or longer periods.
This is based on how we defined air as nourishment, believing that being nourished by air is being a superior human, believing that being nourished by prana is better than being nourished by solid and liquid food and therefore superior to both - seeing air nourishment as equal to 'not eating' or 'inedia' within ones mind, and within this, giving a value to 'air' that is 'more than' Life  and giving a value to solid and liquid food that is 'less than' Life. 
There is a belief that this way one transcends hunger and because of this, breatharianism is also believed as the answer to poverty believing that if people learn how to be nourished by air then hunger and poverty will not exist. 
This mind point of view is fueled by fear of dying when faced with hunger within fear of survival - where one believes that when there is no solid or liquid food in sight ones health will be compromised. This can happen in a world system where all is not given an equal share to all the resources given equally for all by the earth.  
There is a desire to have the 'best diet' defined within ones mind based on what one  likes which includes eternal life or what ones dislikes which includes hunger and limitation. The excuse is that one has to survive as superior to others - being able to transcend hunger. This does not consider reality as all that is here living as equals- where all are living equally from what is being given by the earth and all have enough food/nourishment to survive in dignity from birth 'till death.
We have to realize that the value of everything here is equal to Life:
Air = Life
Solid food = Life
Liquid Food = Life
is living without food and water – where one births oneself as a real character in flesh and blood developing an equal and one relationship to the physical body, realizing it is made of substance all are made of - the dust of the earth, aware of itself,  and developing an equal and one relationship to all that is here –  the air, the plants, water, animals , humans etc. 
The preference to use air  as nourishment has to be cross- referenced with all standing as life- agreed within using common sense that that is what is best for all.

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