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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rice, Nutrition,and Money Part 1

According to Wikipedia:

Rice is the seed of the monocot plants Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or Oryza glaberrima (African rice). As a cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in Asia. It is the grain with the second-highest worldwide production, after maize (corn), according to data for 2010.

We use rice in making different dishes.

Rice is here to also assist the body to get nutrition.

According to Nutrition Data, cooked long grain, brown Rice has a completeness score of 28 and an Amino Acid Score of 71 and that it is a good source of  Thiamine, Folate and Manganese.

In my my previous blog, i wrote about fried rice and the Philippine 'sinangag' and how the Filipino's desire for fried rice is being satisfied by Philippine Food chain like 'Sinangag Express' in exchange for profit etc.

In this blog i would like to investigate the way we use Rice in this world.

Firstly, we eat food which includes rice - cooked, or raw/sprouted -without seeing and realizing why we are eating food. We do not see that food items such as Rice is here to support the body. What we do most of the time is we eat rice with other dishes to Feed our Desires.

We use rice  in 'House Blessing Ceremonies' to make the house 'attract good fortune' which is really desiring more money for the occupants because money = happiness and that is our definition of 'good fortune'.

We fail to see that this desire for good fortune is fueled by fear of not having money to buy the basic necessities to survive in a world where survival is not guaranteed.

We fail to see that 'good fortune' can be redefined as that which is best for all - where all can win - living life as equals where all have money to buy the basic necessities to survive.

Why do we desire good fortune or what is best for just ourselves - our family and friends, and not all creatures? That is self-interest. Interestingly enough, what is best for all of us is essentially what is best for the individual - because the individual is the indivisible whole.

Where i grew up, we serve rice to give pleasure to our family and friends in events or fiestas (feasts) and we use it in weddings.

We throw rice to the bridegroom and the bride when the marriage ceremony is over for good luck to wish them a happy and abundant life not realizing that to wish some and not all an enjoyable life is based on ones desire to win and for the rest to loose. Some poor people does not even have rice to feed themselves 3 square meals a day and that 'abundance for some' means depriving others of what's due them.

We fail to see that our fear of not having enough food to eat is impulsed by an unequal world system.

So, instead of 'desiring to have a happy and abundant life for just our family and friends' who are getting married, and using rice to 'bring good luck' which is based on a belief, we have to look at our beliefs and see that all of us is birthed here and that all of us have to - live life and enjoy Life.

So, the way to Life is to stand for that which is what is best for all, also being grateful to plants, and to see that Rice and see that all food items are here as expressions of Life, so it is commonsensical to give them a value equal to Life.

We have to also give the same value to all humans equally and show practically that we can all ive in a way that we all win by living as equals and giving the poor and unemployed a life of dignity and consider a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death - BIG or LIG (Living Income Guaranteed).

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