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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rice Part 5 Sushi, Food, Sex and Art

In the previous post, i wrote about a recipe of a rice milk drink with cardamom and as i browse through the 'newsfeed' in Facebook, i saw the picture above.

Here, the body and food is being abused in the name of so-called 'art'. 

*Why do we use rice and food in general to feed the mind?

We did not see that when we use food to feed the mind we abuse food and because the physical/body is being resourced for energy for the mind to exist, we abuse the body as well

*Why are we not aware that when we think thoughts we are resourcing the body of energy to feed the mind?

We exist in an alternate reality as the mind, thinking thoughts, backchatting, reacting etc. - never really here as breath in every moment.

*Why are we accepting and allowing plants or food in general to be used to entertain us within the excuse that 'it is beautiful' - justifying this by saying 'this is art'?

We have done that as the 'evil' us - so we have to take self-responsibility and forgive ourselves for accepting and allowing that, then write a blog about it and rewrite ourselves - commit to correct ourselves and practically live that. 

*Why do we prepare rice, make sushi out of it and then put it on our body and call it art?
All because we desire to be entertained by beauty - to 'be happy' and believe that, that justifies that.

I say, this is totally Unacceptable.

I can see that what is fueling this is FEAR of loss/survival/ugliness//not being entertained/not being happy.

The positive comes from the negative.

In this blog i am questioning our use of rice/plants/food in sex in so-called 'art'. 

I am also looking at the word 'art'.

Here's the definition of 'Art' from the Bing Dictionary:
beautiful objects: beautiful or thought-provoking works produced through creative activity

This is a mind definition of art

These are the ways in which we live it:

We use RICE to prepare sushi, then we put it on an almost naked body
of a woman
to get money and profit
Abuse of food and humans/women 
for money and profit

We use food to get money and profit from entertaining people's eyes - in the form of so called 'art'
Abuse of food for 'art's sake'

We use food and carve them to entertain people in restaurants and events
to get money and profit 
Abuse of food and art

Here's a realistic perspective of art:


And that that ... artwork piece is the manifestation of the expression of you within and as oneness and equality of yourself. It's got no value, It's got no worth, its got no importance. it is a manifestation of the expression of you in a moment. It does not influence you, It does not change you, it does not control you...It is what it is. It is what it is in the moment of the expression. But self-expression in itself is actually who you are in every moment of every breath of self-honesty. That is self-expression.

Food is being used too in sex, for money and profit

This is abuse of food and the body - within sex

There are many more abuses where rice or in general, food/plants/animals/humans
are used to entertain the mind. 

Bottom line is the body is being abused/resourced for the mind to exist.

While this is happening, there are people who do not eat 3 times a day.

We have to stop participating in desires etc. 
Let's walk back to look at where the fear that fuels this started.

 Self-forgiveness and commitment to correction in practical living 
breath by breath is key.

It is also important for us to create a world system that supports survival of all life - a balanced economy as a balanced ecosystem that supports life.

Money has to be given a value equal to life and all life for that matter.

While Billionaires have mega yatchs costing hundreds of millions of dollars, and with net worth equal to Billions of dollars, the poor and the unemployed can barely survive and there are those who die of hunger in Africa.

We have to give the poor and the unemployed a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed so they can get the basic necessities they need to survive. This is possible and doable if the corporations who profit from the earth's natural resources like water, oil etc. are nationalized and would give part of their income to the poor and the unemployed. 

The earth's resources are given to all of us equally, for all to survive not just to a few.


I commit myself to show, that Life as ‘lifestyle’ as origin as source as resource, is Given: Equally – to every Body of Life; and that dominion is to those that are able to distribute this which is Given Freely, Equally to All – that no-one may need or desire anything that will cause this separation that now exist as ‘lifestyle’ on Earth. 

I commit myself to Call on those claiming to be experts in Economics, to remove their Fears and prejudices, and to walk in Forgiveness for what they have allowed on Earth, and to rectify the situation so that All Life may be Equal at the table, prepared for Each One to have enough to Eat and Drink, and to have a Home and a lifestyle worth Living to such measure that that is the Inheritance they give to All Children that may ever be born on Earth for All Time – as that is the Foundation of Eternal Peace and Love on Earth'


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