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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Creamed Sticky Rice with Mung Beans & Coconut: Philippine 'Tutong' With Bacon

Note: Normally, we do not eat this in the Philippines with Bacon. It is being eaten as a sweet by itself without young coconut meat and no young coconut water. I grew up eating this without cinnamon and chia seeds.

1/4 c mung beans (munggo)
5 c water (depends on how sticky you want it)
5 Tablespoon malagkit
5 c water 
1 and 1/4 c coconut powder
1 T chia seeds
1/16 of one half (1/2) jaggery (matamis na bao)

Note: Instead of powdered coconut cream, you can use canned coconuts and water that equals to
5 c liquid in total)

Walkthrough 1
Roast the mung beans in the frying pan until light brown (it will release a nice mung bean smell) 
Put in a blender and pulse once or twice (do not overprocess and make the mung beans powder like)
Set Aside.

Walkthrough 2
Put the water and the coconut powder inside a blender
Pour the contents into a pot 
Add all the ingredients except the jaggery (matamis na bao)
boil until the sticky rice and mung bean is cooked
Add the jaggery (matamis na bao)
Cook Stirring frequently until dissolved

Walkthrough 3
Cook the Bacon according to package directions until crispy

Serve cold (from the refrigerator) or warm 
Sprinkle cinnamon on top
Serve with crispy bacon 

Note: 1/2 c of this tests ok for my blood sugar

Procedure in Pictures
 Roasted Mung Beans 
 Mung Beans in the Blender

Mung Beans ready to got to the pot

Home made Coconut Milk

 jaggery (in the US from India)

Jaggery  cooked cane juice that solidified ('matamis na bao' from the Philippines)

Cooking in the pot

Young coconut strings

After the chia seeds were put in (optional) 

I cooked this dish and brought it in my friend's get-together party with friends

Finished creamed sticky rice with no cinnamon on top (another option) topped with crispy bacon

How to make 

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