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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Meat Eater's Mind and The Vegetarian's Mind Day 89

Topic:  What Is The Similarity between The Meat Eater's Mind and The Vegetarian's Mind?

Let's have a REAL Look at Their Fears and Desires: 

The Vegetarian
>Fear of surviving without food
>>Desires to have food to eat
>>> fear that he/she will contribute to the killing of animals and be punished for eating meat in the afterlife - karma and feels bad for animals being killed  
>>>>Desires to provide a solution by not contritbuting to killing of animals by becoming vegetarian so he/she can survive and still eat vegetable meat but not animal meat >>>>>decides to eat vegetables  including honey, fruits, nuts and milk 
 >>>>>>believes he/she is helping the animals   
>>>>>>>killing of plants and animals continue   
>>>>>>>>sticks to eating vegetarian food   
>>>>>>>>>killing of animals and plants continue  
>>>>>>>>>>becomes happy  that one is vegetarian (Desire satisfied) believing that he/she is doing something that will help animals
>>>>>>>>>>>killing of plants and animals continue for money and profit >>>>>>>>>>>>the current unequal monetary system continues

The Meat Eater's Mind
>Fear of surviving without food
>>Desires to have food to eat  
>>>Fear that he/she will not have money to buy food - meat, vegetables, fruits etc >>>>Desires to look for a job or make a business to be able to buy food to survive >>>>>>gets a job/makes a business  
>>>>>>>becomes happy that one  has money to buy food to eat (Desire satisfied) >>>>>>>>killing of plants and animals for money and profit continues  
>>>>>>>>>the current unequal monetary system continues  

The Vegetarian's  Mind:

Fear : Fear of surviving without food  
Desire: to eat food to survive

The Meat Eater's Mind:  
Fear: Fear of surviving without food  
Desire: to eat food to survive
In essence, both has FEAR of Survival which is fueling the Desires

The momentary reward upon getting what was desired  is happiness (positive energy experience) 
This is who they have become - this is who we have become as the mind,

A program
> > Desire
>>>Satisfying the Desire  
Fear of Survival is behind our Desire for Survival/ Desire for Happiness  

Meanwhile, plants and animals are being killed for money and profit
Humans are enslaved in the name of money and profit

The current unequal economic system continues

Is there a point all of us can have all the basic necessities we need to survive and live in dignity - as equals - humans, plants, animals etc?


The Problem

The Solution and The Reward

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