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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Decoding The Mind of a Fruitarian Day 87 Light Headedness

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In my past blogs i was decoding my mind as a meat eater
cooked vegetariancooked veganraw foodistsungazer/liquidarian,
and as a juice feaster, 

I am in a way hacking my mind
decrypting the codes of my mind

When i looked at my food programming timeline
I saw repeating patterns

Let's look at My Mind As A Fruitarian
(one surviving on fruits only)

I will bring my memories back here of when i was Fruitarian (surviving on fruits) 
and look at it:
Pattern Number 7

The Fruitarian Mind:

> Memory1: I saw a man in a youtube video surviving just eating fruits
>>Wow, i'd also like to do that
>>>That will be cool to be able to just survive on fruits
>>>>My digestive tract will be really clean
>>>>>and i will look like a young innocent girl
>>>>>>thin and petite
>>>>>>>that is really exciting
>>>>>>>>i will have a peaceful mind free of desire for tasty cooked and raw foods
>>>>>Memory2: My dad had an illness so i visited him one day
>>>>>>I was surprised to know that he was just eating fruits
>>>>>>>he looked 10 years younger his age
>>>>>>>>that is amazing
>>>>>>>>> and he's healed himself from his illness
>>>>>>>>>>wow, the fruitarian diet works
>>>>>>>>>>>it healed my father
>>>>>>>>>>>>he looked good because he just ate fruits
>>>>>>>>>>>>>his body became so clean
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>bacteria and viruses cannot invade it
>>>>>Backchat: i might as well just eat fruits
>>>>>>heal myself and let this small lump disappear
>>>>>>> and at the same time look young
>>>>>>>>>i will feel good and will look good
>>>>>>>>>>>since my husband is younger than me
>>>>>>>>>>>>this will not make me look old when i am with him in public
>>>>>>>>>>>>>i guess i have to eat a lot of fruits and eat always
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but that is difficult to do because i will still cook vegetarian food 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>for my husband
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I will be tempted to try his food
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and I also like to eat the foods that taste good
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but i have to do this because i have a small lump
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i will not tell my husband about the lump because he might panic
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>before he knows it 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i will be able to make it disappear
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>then i don't have to deal with his negative reaction
>>>>>Backchat: my mind is finding it difficult to focus
>>>>>>I feel too light
>>>>>>>I fear that i will not be grounded
>>>>>>>>I can't do this
>>>>>>>>>my head feels so light
>>>>>>>>>>I can easily tip over or fall
>>>>>>>>>>>This is too difficult
>>>>>>>>>>>>but this is the only way i can stop this lump from getting bigger
>>>>>>>>>>>>>I think being a raw foodist again is okay
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>because i will also eat fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>it is not as good as being a fruitarian 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but raw food is better than cooked vegetarian food

This looks like a pattern - within a program

I defined myself into existence
programming myself through words spoken in the mind
creating myself through writing words, speaking words
and expressing myself through words

In blogs to come
I will rewrite myself
To through writing, self-forgiveness  and self-corrective application 
stop sentences in the book i have written within myself
my whole life story in this book that is myself

I am reprogramming myself
equal to and one with how i created myself

Note: Desires are fuelled by fears. The 'positive' comes from the 'negative'

Let's look at 
Fear 1: being sick                                              Desire 1: to be healthy
Fear 2: looking ugly and old                        Desire 2: to look young
Fear 3: difficulty                                               Desire 3: easy life
Fear 4: toxins                                                     Desire 4: purify
Fear 5: Cooked vegetarian food                 Desire 5: raw food
Fear 6: Raw food                                               Desire 6: Juicing
Fear 7: Juicing                                                   Desire 7: Raw Food
Fear 8: feeling light  taking only fruits     Desire 8: feel full eating fruits, veggies and nuts
Fear 9: eating tasty cooked food                Desire 9: eating tasty food
Fear 10: having tumor/Cancer                    Desire 10: for the tumor to disappear  - eating healthy 

Let's look at My Beliefs:

Belief 1: my digestive tract will be clean when i eat fruits only - it will have no toxins
Belief 2: I will have a peaceful mind without desire for tasty food
Belief 3: i will look young like my dad - because he looked young after eating fruits only for a month - i guess this is because his body did not have to deal with toxins from cooked foods, cooked fats etc. in the digestive tract
Belief 4: lumps in the body comes from toxins
Belief 5bacteria and viruses cannot attack the body when it is clean from toxins 
Belief 6: the fruitarian diet makes me feel light headed


' your mind is that very system that manipulate, deceive and lie
to your very beingness to get your beingness to respond
in a very particular specific way to the mind'
Interview from Eqafe
What Is the Decision i made?
To be a fruitarian

What is the'Momentary' Reward i get ?
'Happiness' within thinking that if i do this or become fruitarian, i will clean my digestive tract, will make the lump disappear and not go to the hospital.

A momentary feeling that makes  me feel that i did something to deal with the problem and that i provided a solution - an idea of a  relief, an illusion in my mind, not really real

I ask myself these questions:
1. Is my beingness trapped within this pattern?
2.  Can i free my beingness from this trap?

To See the Problem Solution and Reward
follow the link, Problem Solution Reward


'The energy of fear takes the physical body and so ones beingness into a resonant state of stress and tension and when one move ones sound in the self-forgiveness as a gentle soft depth, assist and support with that change of energy and its consequence to self stability in the physical body... '
'What is fascinating about desire is also its often or frequent attachment to fear in that one will be in a desire but at the same time there will be a fear as well in how one get into that internal conflict for a moment - i want to but i don't but i can't stop myself, oh and there i go and then one give in to the particular specific desire...'
From the Interview: When Desire becomes Overwhelming 


  1. Hello there. I might not be understanding the point of this blog or what sort of things you're trying to explore exactly, but I saw this post and I wanted to add something that has played into my thinking a lot (in fact, it's the main thing) with regards to making the decision to eat a fruitarian diet. I was already a vegan, but often people would say things to me like, "Why do you care about killing an animal but not a plant?" At first, I just ignored it and would answer more or less that, by eating animals who eat plants, you're killing a lot more plants than if you ate the plants yourself as well as an animal. And also that plants don't have a nervous system or brain. But then, I dunno, I started to think about this a little more seriously and it seems worthwhile to me to explore not harming any living thing, even a plant, if I can avoid it, in order to live in a way that truly rejects all violence and misuse of land. It does not harm a plant to eat the fruit. And people who eat fruitarian seems to be really healthy. So, I dunno, why not? Seems like something worth exploring to me. As a spiritual exercise, at the very least.

  2. I also mistakenly believed that food can be a 'spiritual exercise'.But, as you can see it is all thoughts and backchat within my mind - an alternate reality - which is not real. The truth is that food is about fear of survival and within that, the killing of plants and animals. Bacteria is being killed everyday and they are part of the whole - as life. They are all equal to cows and fruits etc. Fruits screaaam but we cannot hear them scream because of the noise inside our heads - the thoughts, imagination etc. - the mind patterns we have. that is what we have to stop. then maybe the mind will stop taking nutrition from our body and then establishing a system based on equality rather than killing for money and profit - then we can sort out this mess we are in. We have to even question why 'God' set this world up the way he did - rather than justify what is here.