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Monday, April 8, 2013

Correcting My Relationship With The Virus Part 8 Day 85: Body Movement


The Force of the Feminine:


In this blog, I am rewriting myself
creating a new self that
is not driven by the mind
but rather self-directive
In the beginning of this blog I will put the self-forgiveness statement
I wrote in the previous blog
for context
then I will write the commitment to correction script
of how I am going to correct myself
Self-forgiveness Statement:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to participate  in the design of/as 'fear of survival as - movement'

fear the gay body movement
their arm swinging with more flexibility than normal males 
their hips swinging more than the normal males
their heads swinging more than the usual males

doubting who i am 
as a female that has flexibility in movement
which is the opposite of a male
having defined the male  
as not having flexibility in movement 
as much as females do
defining myself within balance in polarity

blaming the physical for

creating males and gays
creating females and lesbians

with the same body structural design

males and gays having a penis
females and lesbians having a vagina

yet different kinds of body movement

the males having a penis like the gays
but with head not moving left and right
but with hands not moving left and right flexed
but with hips not moving left and right
as much as gays do

the females having a vagina like the lesbians
but not wearing clothes of a male 
but with hips not stiff
but with head not stiff
but with hands not stiff
as much as lesbians do

having the excuse that I have to survive as a female

justifying that by the belief
that 'I have to be whole'
being a female gender opposite the male gender
within balance in polarity
separating from the male and then uniting with the male
not seeing and realizing that wholeness does not need separating from the source

not seeing that i am here as breath as who i am, what i am and how i am

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