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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Decoding The Mind of a Juice Feaster: Day 86: Juicing: Desire to Look Young

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In my past blogs i was decoding my mind as a meat eater
I am in a way hacking my mind
decrypting the codes of my mind

When i looked at my food programming timeline

Let's look at My Mind As One Who  Juice Feasts
(one surviving on juice)

I will bring my memories back here of when i was juice feasting (surviving on juice) 
and look at it:

Pattern Number 6

The Mind of One Who Juice Feasts:

> My raw food friends started juice feasting
>>i have this very tiny lump the size of a small bead in my right breast is growing bigger
>>>can this be a tumor?
>>>> No, this is nothing
>>>>>this can really be a tumor
>>>>>>I am scared, but i shouldn't be
>>>>>>>this will go away if i take healthy food
>>>>>>>>these are just toxins 
>>>>>>>>>maybe coming from me eating cooked food sometimes 
>>>>>>>>>>when i should be eating 100% raw foods
>>>>>>>>>>>I should have just stick to 100% raw food diet
>>>>>>>>>>>>then i will never get sick 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>i have to detoxify
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i have read that juicing can detoxify the system
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>they are juice feasting so i should juice feast with the people in the internet
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>it is very difficult to just take juice because my body will feel so hungry
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and crave solid food
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but this lump is getting bigger
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I better not think about this
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>this is nothing really, tomorrow this will be gone
>>>>>Backchat: I will look really young when i juice feast
>>>>>>and get rid of the small lump
>>>>>>>that will be really good
>>>>>>>>but what if it does not stop growing and it becomes breast cancer?
>>>>>>>>>It will not
>>>>>>>>>>just be positive
>>>>>Backchat: I crave solid food
>>>>>>This juice feasting is tough
>>>>>>>maybe i will just do smoothies
>>>>>>>>they are more tasty 
>>>>>>>>>and there's more variation i can do too
>>>>>>>>>>it is still in liquid form so it's okay

This looks like a pattern - within a program

I defined myself into existence
programming myself through words spoken in the mind
creating myself through writing words, speaking words
and expressing myself through words 

In blogs to come
I will rewrite myself
To through writing, self-forgiveness  and self-corrective application 
stop sentences in the book i have written within myself 
my whole life story in this book that is myself

I am reprogramming myself
equal to and one with how i created myself

Note: Desires are fuelled by fears. The 'positive' comes from the 'negative'

Let's look at 
Fear 1: being sick                                             Desire 1: to be healthy 
Fear 2: looking ugly and old                        Desire 2: to look young
Fear 3: suffering, pain                                    Desire 3: have a happy life
Fear 4: negativity                                            Desire 2: to be positive

Let's look at My Beliefs:

Belief 1: one will be healthy and will stop getting sick if one eats healthy

Belief 2: juices and smoothies are better than solid food because digestion of food is less 
and so the body has more time to expel toxins
Belief 3: i will look young when i juice feast because my body will have more energy from 
less digestion going on in my bodyBelief 4: When i think positive it will manifest in the physical reality 
Belief 5: lumps in the body comes from toxins

' your mind is that very system that manipulate, deceive and lie
to your very beingness to get your beingness to respond 
in a very particular specific way to the mind'  
Interview from Eqafe

What Is the Decision i made?
To do juice feasting

What is the'Momentary' Reward i get ?
'Happiness' within living a healthy life - looking good and feeling good
and not getting sick/not going to the hospital

A momentary feeling that i get addicted to which i wanted to prolong to a point where it will not end. That is my limited idea of what life means, existing within a polarity equation.

It's like existing like a battery. One minute i am full of energy and one minute i am down where i make sure i am always charged - using food, spirituality, money, relationships etc.
So, i charge my battery to full capacity to have endless happiness and endless bliss. 

I ask myself these questions:
1. Is my beingness trapped within this pattern?
2.  Can i free my beingness from this trap?

To See the Problem and the Solution, follow the link, Problem Solution Reward


'The energy of fear takes the physical body and so ones beingness into a resonant state of stress and tension and when one move ones sound in the self-forgiveness as a gentle soft depth, assist and support with that change of energy and its consequence to self stability in the physical body... '
'What is fascinating about desire is also its often or frequent attachment to fear in that one will be in a desire but at the same time there will be a fear as well in how one get into that internal conflict for a moment - i want to but i don't but i can't stop myself, oh and there i go and then one give in to the particular specific desire...'
From the Interview: When Desire becomes Overwhelming 

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