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Monday, September 30, 2013

Weight loss Part 5: Food, Work And How We Create Hollywood: Correcting Myself

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We have this belief  that Hollywood stars are popular
because they are slim, fit, beautiful/handsome and wealthy
and within this, believe that we will get attention like them too
when we become fit, slim, beautiful/handsome and wealthy

The stars have become our 'idea-l' personalities
The 'movie characters' vs the real characters living in this physical world

The idea of Hollywood is our way out of the
ugliness, suffering and abuse in this world
Even if this means we have to create
a clone of Hollywood personalities in our mind
to be fit and slim like them etc.
and within this desire to be slim and fit, beautiful, wealthy and popular
like the stars on television, in movies etc.
as they are being portrayed in the media
This is how we create in 'our within' - as the mind 

A Mind Hollywood

Interestingly enough,
we accept pictures in our mind
only of that which will give us hope
hoping for a 'positive' experience

We watch the Oscar award's
the red carpet
the expensive gowns worn by stars
the winners and the parties after the award
yet we do not want to watch what is going on outside the red carpet
where there is  a dust carpet - a real nature carpet 
rejecting to watch the homeless in the streets of Hollywood
and the poor unknown musicians basking in the streets of Hollywood
and everywhere in this world
because we connected poverty with a negative energy experience
that of pain and suffering
and because we believe in the law of attraction
we resist 'negative experiences'

not realizing that the 'positive' comes from the 'negative'
and that without one the other cannot exist
like the polarity of 'love and hate'

creating the Homeless in Hollywood
which comes with the
creation of the Hollywood Entertainment Industry

Having said this, we have to look at
who's earning money and making profit from these?

The media is earning money and profit.

"Consumers expect advertisers to come to the Oscars with their A-game," Andy McMillin, a Coca-Cola (KO -1.35%) vice president, tells The New York Times. The company will be featuring a new Diet Coke ad during the broadcast.

Oscar broadcaster ABC, part of Walt Disney (DIS -1.07%), is reportedly charging advertisers up to $1.8 million for 30 seconds of commercial time during the Oscars, the highest rate for the event since 2008.

I will be looking at Hollywood in this blog.

Beauty specialists are also making money out of Hollywood events?

Beauty specialists are also making a killing in Hollywood these days, as they get celebrities, would-be celebrities and people who just want to look like celebrities ready for their real or imagined red-carpet close-ups. 

You don't even have to be based in L.A. to win. Dermatologist David Colbert recently flew there from New York and rented a temporary office in Beverly Hills ahead of the Academy Awards. According to the The New York Times, Dr. Colbert's calendar in the month leading up to the Oscars "was already booked solid with 75 appointments...even though his 30-minute Triad Medical facial, which features microdermabrasion, laser toning and chemical peeling, starts at $800 a session." He's also making home visits on request.

What we create in 'our within' - in our mind world
we also create in 'our without' - as this physical world
which is this world system of money

We create a consequence outflow in whatever we accept and allow.

The following are my commitments
as my way of taking responsibility to correct myself

Join me in this Journey to Life

Below is my self-correction script
where i am rewriting myself to birth me here as someone
who stands for what is best for all

I am also providing a solution here from an economic perspective.


I commit myself to
instead of believing that stars are popular
being slim, fit, beautiful/handsome and wealthy

realize that this is my interpretation of  reality
where i defined body, size, posture and shape
within beauty, wealth and popularity
within my mind
and Not what is real

It is an illusion i created within my mind
as i run away from my mind perception of 'ugliness, suffering and pain'
to make me feel better - as a way of winning
because i know that there's a lot of abuse going on
and within us winning there's someone losing
in this competition to survive
in this unequal world system

deceiving myself and shielding my eyes from the truth

So, i commit myself to
when and as i see myself entertaining thoughts about this
I stop myself from participating
and stabilize myself as the breath within my body
and see what is real

I commit myself to not shield my eyes
from seeing the abuse in this world
so i can write and speak about them
in my blogs
so people will wake up to the truth
and assist in creating
a world where all will live in dignity

I commit myself to
instead of believing that when i become fit and slim
people will give me attention just like the stars
believing that this is the 'idea-l' life

where within this is the desire for
living a 'luxurious' life
that is perceived to be above normal
having a picture of normal life within my mind
that is characterized by pain and suffering
believing 'normal' work means boring and tiresome work
surviving paycheck after paycheck
and believing that the way to 'escape' this ordeal
is making it to Hollywood
which is perceived to be the 'idea-l' life
which is perceived as lots of money, parties, vacations
and 'adoring fans'

rather than seeing and realizing that
real work involves movement and self-expression
as who i am here
as the breath within my body
aware of my heartbeat when i move
and express myself as i work

Within this, I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself
to be aware of food items that i touch when i work with them in the kitchen
realizing that plants and animals are made up of the same substance as my body - the dust of the earth

I commit myself to work with awareness
being aware of the food i come in contact with
where they come from, how they arrived in my kitchen etc.

I commit myself to show how food is being abused in this world
within our thoughts of wanting to be fit as we run away from
our fear of being fat

putting my right hand on my chest
when and as i go to my mind world
to think, imagine, react etc.
of actors and actresses and the weekly gossip about them
realizing this is how i create it in 'my without'
as this world system
and so i stop creating it in 'my within' - as the mind

Directing myself to be aware of my heartbeat
as a physical here, reality check
being aware of my heartbeat
as it is the one heartbeat 
that we share together as one in this life

I commit myself to show that there's money for the elite
yet the Homeless are left without a decent home to shield their body from changes in temperature outside on the streets of Hollywood, and no money to buy food 

The Elite : Analysts say Oscar time injects tens of millions of dollars each year into local businesses and economies in LaLa Land --  some estimates run to $130 million -- pumping cash into everything from hotels to catering to transportation.

The Homeless:
When people imagine Hollywood, they envision streets filled with rich and famous people whose luxurious lifestyles are represented in movies. 
But one photographer ventured just a few miles away from the multi-million dollar mansions and film studios to experience a different side of the city.
Visiting some of Los Angeles' most down-trodden parts, he witnessed the struggle of people living on the streets.

I commit myself to show that charity is Not the solution to homelessness
as it is being used to advertise the so-called 'charitable work' that will end homelessness
when the rest of the poor people in this world are left homeless

“It is very exciting for us,” said Steven Spielberg, project manager for Step Up on Second. “We are bringing our presence to Hollywood, and we want to replicate the world-class model we have for supportive housing for the homeless that we started in Santa Monica.”

I commit myself to investigate
what is going on in the entertainment industry
realizing that this is a 'fake' life

because while this so-called 'special life'
is 'reeling' on the screen of movie theaters and television screens
real life is 'real-ly' happening outside of Hollywood
as the homeless populate the streets of Hollywood
during summer, fall and winter nights

and because of the glimmering lights in Hollywood
and the red carpet covering the dust in the sidewalk
where all the homeless sleep
in dirty cardboard boxes
we as the Asian and Human foreign visitors
as the one who can afford to travel
are busy buying souvenirs and riding Hollywood buses
visiting the house of the stars
taking pictures and videos
to show others of the 'specialness of Hollywood'
seeing through our mind eyes
the glitter, the opulence, the wealth

shutting our physical eyes
to what is really going on
not aware of the dust on the clothes worn by the homeless
in the streets of Hollywood
and in the streets of Asia, Africa etc.
not aware of the noises in the hungry stomach of the homeless
as they sleep on benches

not seeing through our physical/self eyes how we created
this consequential outflow within our mind

and so realizing this abuse
we have to correct ourselves
and assist in creating a world where
all can live a dignified life


Equal Life Foundation Bill of Rights

English 4. An Equal Housing Right that assures every being and every family a stable home environment 
that is nurturing and supportive of life, properly founded within communities that assist 
and support a life of dignity and integrity. 

4. Ang Equal Housing Right na sumisiguro  na ang bawa't isang nilalang sa mundo at bawa't pamilya 
ay may matatag na tahanan at kapaligiran na nagtataguyod at sumusuporta sa buhay, na may nararapat 
na pundasyon  sa loob ng komunidad na tumutulong at sumusuporta sa buhay na may dignidad at integridad.

Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed

We expect that within the Basic Income Guaranteed, the musician will have sufficient income on a Basic Income Guaranteed to be able to truly develop their music and to explore building an audience that appreciates the music they create. The same will happen with the other arts in terms of painting, films, theater, literature, etc. If one no longer needs to make the music simply for the purposes of survival and you have sufficient support to truly explore your skills, the appreciation of the listener of the music enthusiast will grow substantially and we will develop a culture within our higher appreciations that will bring us a whole new era in music. All of this is facilitated through a simple principle: once each one is taken care of in their basic needs to live a life of decency, their ability is set free to find a higher form of expression.


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