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Friday, January 10, 2014

Water Part 5: Impure Water: Fear Reactions: Beauty

This is the 5th in a Series of Blogs

The Message:
I am the Creator and The Created.

Are we really creating this world?

Who else will create this world but us who are here living in this world?

We mirror 'our within' - as the mind in 'our without' - as this world system

So i am doing self-forgiveness for accepting and allowing this and correcting myself in my living so instead of blaming everyone and everything, i instead take self-responsibility for what i accepted and allowed in this world.


Part 5

The Mind

Reaction Dimension Continued: 

In this blog, i am looking at my reaction:

Having a relationship to Fear of Drinking Impure Water

What is Self-forgiveness?


Reaction of Fear to 'creepy crawlies' in water: Fearing polluted water

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to react in fear of polluted water connecting it to a memory of seeing 'creepy crawlies' in the water when i was growing up seeing that they are growing inside the clay jug when we leave the water stagnant for about 2 weeks - believing that if i drink the water those small worm like creatures will get into my stomach, and so fearing that they will multiply without my knowledge and i will be trapped in a body that i am not in control of which will eventually get me  sick and die from the sickness - fearing not being in control, fearing sickness and fearing death- which fuels the desire to drink pure water - desiring to control the purity of the water - with fear as my starting point .

instead of realizing and understanding that i have attached a fear to the memory and so i am living the past in the present within this and manipulating the body to drink pure water from a starting pint of fear rather than simply drinking pure water without participating in fear.

So i commit myself to when and as i see myself fearing polluted water i stop - release the energy behind it by breathing in and breathing out then doing  self-forgiveness until i am clear being aware of the point and flagging it when i am in a place where there is dirty water.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to react in fear of getting sick 
connecting this to a memory of people getting sick in the Philippines and seeing that they do not have proper medical attention because of lack of money, i attached a fear with this memory 

instead of seeing and realizing that i can assist in creating a world that gives dignified life to all starting with the Living income Guaranteed - where all will have a means to have medical attention.

So i commit myself to assist in creating a world that truly honors life.


What Is The Living Income Guaranteed?


Self-forgiveness Continued...

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to judge the water as less than life having projected my self-judgment - within seeing myself as inferior/ugly/short/Asian
to the water. The evil me abusing the physical substance by judging water as less than life.

Instead of realizing we all are birthed here sharing this one life and so we are all walking as equals, and realizing the value of water is equal to Life.

So, when i see myself in a location like - in a forest, in remote areas etc. - i stop - i breathe in and as i breathe out, release the energy within myself - forgive myself and realize that the reason why i am giving polluted water a value less than life is because i am giving myself a value less than life through having self-judgments within points of ugliness and inferiority

So it is to realize that this is me as the mind connecting  memories to fear which i project to the water - so i release these memories in the past which i connected to a memory of our maid who i perceived as and judged as ugly and inferior believing that if one is illiterate, slow and smoking cheap cigarettes like him, one is stupid, useless, hopeless and powerless 

So I commit myself to accept and allow me to birth myself here as equal to beauty and to instead of defining beauty as:

 The qualities that give pleasure to the senses (from the Word Web) 

Expand its definition to : 

qualities that give physical pleasure to the physical senses where within this be able to birth myself here as that self which stands for what is best for all so all can be free and life will be here forevermore - so as the physical eyes see that - it sees real beauty. 

And to rather than define Ugliness as:

Displeasing to the senses

Expand its definition to:

displeasing to the senses - having seen the inequality that exist in this world - exposing that and assisting in creating a world that gives dignified life for all.

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