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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Water Part 8: How Do I Create a Consequence Outflow In This World?

This is the 8th in a Series of Blogs

Are we really creating this world?
We mirror 'our within' - as the mind in 'our without' - as this world system

So i am doing self-forgiveness for accepting and allowing this and correcting myself in my living so instead of blaming everyone and everything in this world for the abuse of water in this world, i instead take self-responsibility for what i accepted and allowed as the creator of 'my within' as the mind - and the creator of my without' as this world system - creating this world through what we all accept and allow rather than questioning and investigating everything and taking that which is good - and use that to assist in creating a world that gives dignified life for all, realizing that what is best for all is also what is best for me.


Part 8

In this blog, i am looking at the consequence outflow of believing that i need to have eternal life through not eating, to the extent that i compromised my body's health by withdrawing nourishment to it, instead of seeing the commonsense of nourishing the body as it assist me to move about and express myself in this physical reality.

When i look around in 'my without' - as a creator of this world realizing i am mirroring who i am in  'my within' in 'my without', i can see that this is being mirrored back to me when i see breatharians who are doing what i did.

 It is alarming that this has become a money/profit driven undertaking for some where withdrawing nourishment from the body is advertised as a form of a a spiritual process who, just like me, fearing death, watched some videos about 'breatharianism' and took it on. 

Others are malnourished not by choice but through circumstances that they are not able to control. Then, we see the rich with so much food to eat in the US and the tons of food thrown in the garbage bins.

I tried not eating and drinking in the past so within that, I realized that withdrawing nourishment of food and water to the body is withdrawal of support for Life.

What is Self-forgiveness?


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to create consequence in 'my without ' of people who withdraw  nourishment to their body intentionally,  and those who are malnourished because of not having enough food and within a polarity equation create the people who are food addicts and the people who eat 'healthy food' making it a path to 'greatness' defined from a polarized view of reality where bias exist rather than to assist the body to survive utilizing commonsense - walking with the body and getting feedback from the body about the nutrition the body gets from the food that one eats daily and correcting myself in every moment - so the body can be nourished for real.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to create consequence in 'my without' within me judging people as either fit or fat and so create polarity friction where i create in 'my without' people who get into relationships based on ones judgment of whether the other person is fit or fat instead of a realistic agreement to support each other to stop the judgments within ones mind using self-forgiveness and correction in ones living seeing each other as equals walking  this one life

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to create consequence in my without of people who does not have money to buy food to nourish their body and creating a world full of charitable organizations to temporarily help these people survive and forget the fact that the resources of the earth belongs to all equally and so we have to assist in making a world that gives ALL access to the produce of the earth not temporarily but guaranteed survival for all from birth to death- starting with a Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death


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