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Friday, January 3, 2014

Water Part 4: Creating the Fitness and Health Industry Within Our Mind:Fear of Having Dehydrated Skin

This is the 4th in a Series of Blogs

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Are we really creating this world?

Who else will create this world but us who are here living in this world?

We mirror 'our within' - as the mind in 'our without' - as this world system

So i am doing self-forgiveness for accepting and allowing this and correcting myself in my living.

Part 4

The Mind

Reaction Dimension Continued: 

In this blog, i am looking at my reaction:

Having a relationship to Fear of being dehydrated

What is Self-forgiveness?


Self-forgiveness Statements:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to react in fear when i do not drink much water and connecting that to my skin being dehydrated/flaky where within this i stimulate memories within myself of poor people with very dry skin because of lack of nutrition 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear being ugly having a skin that is flaky believing that people will not like me and i will not have a relationship with the opposite sex - within fear of being alone

instead of seeing and realizing that i am resourcing the body of energy when i activate fear as i activate the fight and flight mechanism in it causing stress to the body which will be detrimental to the body. 

I commit myself to instead of reacting to seeing skin on my face dry, stop and release the fear energy by breathing in and breathing out then taking self-responsibility by doing a quick self-forgiveness until i am clear and correcting myself - redefining the word dry from DR -iving me to a fight and flight response mode when i see my face will become ugly, to DR-iving me to see the common  sense that i have to work with my body to see how much water i need to drink to be able to support it to survive.  

Word: Dry

Merriam Webster definition

having no or very little water or liquid

Expanding this definition:

having no or very little water or liquid to support its own survival , so assisting my body to get the amount of water it needs to survive optimally.

I am correcting myself by working with the body - walking with it in physical space and time to find out how much water it needs and giving my body that amount of water - also assisting in making water available to all through assisting in creating a world that gives dignified life for all - starting with giving all an income that is guaranteed for life so we all can have means/money to get the water that the body needs to survive. The mind resource the physical for energy so i realized that i have to stop the mind also so that i can support the body optimally.


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