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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pork Chop with Coconut Mint Lime Dressing: No Salt

2 mint leaves sliced thinly
1 pork chop 
2 T coconut milk
juice of 1 key lime

note: I put a slice of kiwi on the plate which i ate with the dish

Put the pork chop in a ziplock bag
Boil the pork chop in water on low heat
(about 1 hr or more depending on your heat source)
Take the pork chop out of the ziplock bag when its cooked
Fry the pork chop
Put the coconut milk next to the pork chop in a plate
put the sliced mint leaves around the dish
Squeeze the lime juice
Serve and Enjoy


'pastured' pork chop

Pork chop inside a ziplock bag in boiling water cooking

frying the pork chop

pork chop 

Pork chop served on a plate

Another way of serving the pork chop

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