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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Redefining the Word 'EATING' Day 118

Parenting:Perfecting The Human Race
In this blog, 
I am sounding the word 'eating' 
to see how i hear the word within my mind 
how i gave the word a definition 
that is an interpretation reality

Then, I will redefine it to give it  a meaning 
equal to my expression
one that i can live
as who i am

The Word 'Eating'


E-nergy A-ttraction, T-ime travelling in the compartments of the mind while ING-esting food

Redefining The Word Eating
*redefining the word as equal to my expression as who i am - as someone standing for what is best for all - realizing that what is best for all is also what is best for me

The word 'eating' is the act of an entity that engages in the consumption or ingestion of food -taking it in through the mouth, chewing and swallowing to assist the body to get the nutrition/substance it needs to survive optimally.

This is necessary to meet the need of the changed physical design/structure that is a consequence of the mind - physical relationship.

We are in this physical existence with all that is birthed here, realizing that we create in 'our within' as the mind and in 'our without' as this world system.

We have to have a closer look at consumption/ingestion/eating itself. 

It is clear that no diet or food item is superior to any diet or food item

Rather than see breatharianism as superior as it is interpreted within ones mind as not eating,  and as a solution to hunger. We can see that even in breatharianism we still consume air. So, air is a food item for the breatharians and for those that are meat eaters, vegetarian, raw, fruitarian etc. 

At present, Air is polluted. Food is limited to those who have money.

Our survival has to be in the hands of people who cares equally for all so that any food we need to ingest will be available for all equally in a form that will support the body optimally.

The bottom line here is that we have to stop participating in the mind and create a world based on equality where survival is guaranteed.

We have to take self-responsibility for our fears, thoughts, desires etc.  so that  the body will not be resourced for energy and also support the body by establishing a world that supports survival for all where the health of all does not depend on whether we have the means or not.

Within the resourcing of the physical/body for energy,  we can see that this has an effect to the environment and nature as a whole. 

Change starts from within - a change that aligns to or supports that internal change is inevitable, otherwise, we will be coping rather than living.

Giving the word a definition that is aligned to who we really are - as all that is here - as Life is commonsensical as the definition we give words - is how we see ourselves, others and this world. 

Living the redefined meaning of this word will benefit all.

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