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Monday, July 1, 2013

Redefining The Word Paranoia Day 117

Parenting:Perfecting The Human Race

I will sound the the word 'PARANOIA
and see how i hear the word within my mind 
giving the word a definition 
that is an interpretation of the essential meaning of the word

Then, i will redefine it to give it  a meaning 
equal to my expression
one that i can live
as who i am

PARA - normal, the NOI-se  that mis- A- ligns what is real

Redefining the word 'Paranoia'
It is the process where one loses touch with reality as one enters the alternate reality within ones mind -  entertaining the noise -the fears, thoughts, backchats etc. and uses that to interpret and define reality - which gives reality a value that is more than or less than what it is.

So, instead of using the noise to interpret reality and give it a value that is more than or less than what reality is, which will not benefit us all, we can look at mapping the noise and looking at how we created the patterns, programs and systems within. 

Seeing this, we are then able to forgive ourselves and correct ourselves - rewriting the script within ourselves to a script that will guide us to live - as who we really are, as all that is here, birthed in this one life - as equals

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