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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Redefining The Word 'Healthy' Day 119

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In this blog, 
I am sounding the word 'healthy' 
to see how i hear the word within my mind 
how i gave the word a definition 
that is an interpretation of reality

I will redefine it to give it  a meaning 
equal to my expression
one that i can live
as who i am

The Word 'HEALTHY'


HE-ll in an ALT-ernate reality within the mind H-oping for a positive energy experience that Y-ou desire

Redefining The Word 'Healthy'
*redefining the word as equal to my expression as who i am - as someone standing for what is best for all - realizing that what is best for all is also what is best for me

The word 'Healthy' is about enjoying the condition of an organism or one of its parts in which it performs its vital functions normally or properly.

It is giving the body the nutrition it needs to survive optimally.

It is about developing an equal and one relationship with the body realizing i use it to express who i am here.

It is about developing an equal and one relationship with food

We have to realize that selecting what to eat
from the starting point of a belief that it has superior nutrition
than other foods  
or judging a food as having inferior nutrition
as per what we heard or read
giving certain food items a positive or a negative value
based on a belief
is an interpretation of reality
and not what reality really is

The reality is that resourcing the body for energy within mind participation - transforming physicality to energy, where we take from the body the nutrition it needs to survive, is not going to benefit all of us here,  as in this scenario we will be limited by the amount of money we have. So, it is equally important that we create a world that truly honors LIFE. one that is based on equality where survival is guaranteed.

Interpreting reality within our mind has consequence - in 'our within', as the mind and 'our without', as this world system. 

It does not benefit the body.

This process takes natural energy from the body, transforming it to unnatural energy for use by the mind. 

It only benefits the mind.

Giving the word a definition that is aligned to who we really are - as all that is here - as Life  is commonsensical as the definition we give words - is how we see ourselves, others and this world. 
Living the redefined meaning of this word will benefit all.

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