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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Iron Chef : Food Judging Mathematics Part 2: Day 42 Orange and Chocolate


Please refer to the video at the :21 to :25 seconds mark

My Self-forgiveness

*As The Judge of The Iron Chef Competition: Katie Lee Joel 
Saying, 'I Like chocolate and orange together. It's a nice flavor combination'

*I am Bringing It Back to Myself 

Seeing That I Think This When i See a Chocolate Bar Myself:
 'I Like Orange Flavored Chocolate More Than Chocolate By Itself'


I forgive myself  that i have accepted and allowed myself to 'as blame'

activate an entire mind character/personality within myself

as i get more positive energy experience

from thinking this thought when eating chocolate

blaming the physical/body of the cacao and the orange

for tasting the way they do

not realizing i am equal to all taste expressions/manifestations

in this physical existence

as who i am

expressing me as the physical/substance

within taste

and not realizing i am using the words 'chocolate and orange' separate from me

speaking words that represent who i have become as the mind

rather than speaking words equal to who i am as equal to all - as  life

The Mathematics of Giving Mind Values Vs Giving Values Equal To Life

I realized that am giving mind values to the taste of cacao/chocolate and orange
(Mind Value Examples):

'chocolate by itself  = +10
chocolate with orange extract = +20'

these are mind values that is not real and is based on memories of the past 
within 'positive or negative experiences' that i re-live whenever i am face to face with 
tasting/eating a chocolate bar

So i am directing myself to give real values to the cacao tree/chocolate

 and the orange tree/orange extract

values equal to what they really are


the cacao tree = Life
the orange tree = Life

giving them a value equal to Life


Self Correction Script:

I commit myself to when and as i see myself 

liking chocolate with orange flavor better than chocolate by itself within blame

I Stop

I Breathe

I realize this is me existing  in separation from reality

 going within and as my mind in an alternate reality

thinking that i am separate from the cacao tree and the orange tree

separating myself from all life

rather than

seeing the real value of all that is here as equal to Life

Commitment to Correct Myself:

So i commit myself to assist myself to accept and allow me 

to establish an equal and one relationship with the cacao tree/chocolate

to establish an equal and one relationship with the orange tree/orange extract

 to establish an equal and one relationship with the body/physical

and see the common sense

that my body/physical/substance

is equal to the body/physical/substance of the cacao plant

is equal to the body/physical/substance of the orange plant

is equal to the body/physical/substance of the earth

and redefine the words

cacao, chocolate, orange etc.

and use these words in my spoken and written expression 

as equal to who i am as Life

I commit myself to when and as i see myself

come face to face with a chocolate bar

i flag point myself

and stabilize me as breath

clap my hands or stomp my feet

to bring me back here in this physical existence 

assist myself to bring myself from separation to oneness and equality as all life

and accept and allow myself to establish a real relationship with my body

establish a real relationship with the body of the cacao tree 

and establish a real relationship with the body of the orange tree

as it is a tree

whose body/physical/substance

 is equal to my body's/physical/substance

is equal to the  body/physical/substance of nature

is equal to the body/physical/substance of animals

is equal to the physical/substance of matter


I have seen the consequence of who i have become in 'my within' as the mind

judging tastes of orange flavored chocolate as better than the chocolate by itself

and how i created this in 'my without'

as the judging that is going on in the Food Network - Iron Chef Competition

specifically seeing the video referenced in this blog

So I commit myself to through

writing, self-forgiveness and self corrective living

stop mind participation to birth me here as life

to birth a world that is based on equality 'as my without'

so Life can be here forevermore

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