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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Iron Chef : Food Judging Mathematics: Part 1 Taste and Texture: Competition:Day 41: Consequence


In my last blog, I wrote about the consequence of judging the  texture of food
In this blog, I am looking at the 'Iron Chef Competition',  looking at groups of individuals
like me who judge food according to its texture mirroring what i do in my 'within' as the mind in my 'without' as the food industry - as a consequence of who i have become as the mind 'using food for a positive energy experience' 

I am using elementary mathematics to show how I give mind values to texture and tastes instead of seeing its real value as equal to Life

I am using self-forgiveness,  writing a commitment script and moving myself breath by breath moment by moment  to correct myself  as i birth myself as equal to and one with Life.
We will look at 

Iron Chef America: All-Star Holiday Dessert Battle Part 4

Please refer to the 5 min 23 seconds mark (5:25) of the video

I am doing self-forgivenesss as the Judge of food and commit to correct and apply myself within my living application

In this video the competitors are the following chefs:

Iron Chef Cat Cora
Paula Deen
Tyler Florence
Robert Irvine

I will look at the Judging part of this video

I am doing self-forgiveness As one of The Judges:
(the judges are: Tina Fey - SNC/30 Rock, Ted Allen - Food Author and Katie Lee Joel - Cookbook Author)

I will do self-forgiveness 'as Katie Lee Joel' for what she said ( as i saw myself said the same thing when tasting some dessert on the table):

'The texture, it was the first thing i noticed, you know, it has that great sweet smooth silky cream with that crunch of the cookie - its' delicious.' Katie Lee Joel

My Self-forgiveness:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself
to act as a judge of food

where food is being judged as per my mind's perception of food

separate from who i am

acting as a human separate from plants and animals

 believed to be superior to other expressions/manifestations

as plants and animals  

judging according to the following criteria:
taste, plating and ingredients used


animal meat and plant meat

are being judged

according to my mind's idea of what creating a dish mean

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to

 discriminate between plant's and animal's textures

making a combination of different textures

superior over one 'mushy texture'

present in a dish

as i (as the mind) perceive textures

 according to what will give me different 'texture experiences'

that can make me 'happy'

seeing through my mind's eyes

instead of real seeing as

the eyes of the physical as who i am

as equal to the body/physical

as equal to the body /physicalof animals
as equal to the body/physical of plants
as equal to the body/physical of nature

aware of the different expressions/manifestations of me as life

as different textures

equal to who i am as Life

The Mathematics of Giving A Mind Value to Food Taste and Texture

Vs Giving A Value To Food Taste and Texture Equal To Life 

I Realized, Walking Back, Looking At My Fears In Relation To Texture

As I Connected the Texture of Feces To The Texture of Cooked Pumpkin

The mushy texture of the cooked pumpkin 
 i connected to the mushy texture and bad smell of feces 
based from a 'negative experience in the past'

balancing out the negative (loosing) 'by trying to win'

within wanting the opposite polarity which is 'crunch'
which i perceive will give me happiness

so 'desiring crunchy texture 

and also a combination of creamy and crunchie textures in food

as me as the mind 

gives value to crunchy texture of food alone equal to +10

crunchy food texture = +10

giving value to creamy texture and crunchy texture together equal to double +10 = +20

where in this example, the creamy smooth  filling with the crunchie cookie (Please refer to the video)

i have given a value equal to +20

as this reminds me of ice cream we eat as a child 

with the crispy wafer outside and the creamy ice cream inside
and the taste of sugar in it which i am giving a value = +10

 sugar = sweet taste = +10

creamy texture = +10'
crunchy texture = +10


'creamy texture + crunchy texture + sweet sugary taste =  triple positive experience = +30

and the 'mushy texture without crunchy texture without the sweet sugary taste = -30

as mushy texture = -10

no crunchy texture = - 10
and no sweet sugary taste = -10'

not seeing/realizing that these are mind values which are NOT REAL

as the REAL PHYSICAL VALUE of  any texture = Life

crunchy texture = Life
mushy texture = Life
smooth creamy texture = Life

where crunchy texture + smooth creamy texture = Life


Mushy texture = Life

Realizing that sugar affects the mind - where even children suffer personality or behavior changes

Realizing we don't have to demonize sugar as the sugar cane is a manifestation of/as Life

Realizing that ones preference as to what to eat

 does not depend on the mind's 'positive energy experience' from eating the food
nor the mind's 'negative energy experience' from eating the food
based on its texture and taste

Rather, to establish an equal and one relationship with the physical/body

standing with the food as equal to my expression
looking at what sustenance the body needs to survive optimally
and seeing how it responds to the food
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to create as my 'without', the Iron Chef competition
mirroring 'my within' as the mind

using food to evolve me as a character/personality within self-interest/survival

Commitment To Correction

I commit myself to when and as i see myself saying 'yes' to judging in a food competition

based on taste, texture, plating, and originality

I stop
I breathe

I stop participating as a judge in any food competition

I realize this is not what is best for all

this is judging for what is best for me - within self-interest

seeing myself as a human superior to animals and plants

judging them as separate from me

judging them according to their taste
judging them according to the way they are presented on a plate and
 judging them according to how they were recreated on a plate
 interpreted by the chef within their mind

I commit myself to when and as i see myself wanting to eat sugar
for a positive energy experience
I stop
I breathe
I realize i am here as breath in every moment
and that my enjoyment of me as the breath is
real enjoyment

So i assist myself to see food as what it really is
as who i am

bringing myself back here
 when and as i see myself get mesmerized
by the creamy and crunchy texture plus the sweet sugary taste of food i eat
and assist myself to accept and allow me
to eat food that gives the body sustenance
one that assists the body to survive optimally

I commit myself  to stop my mind participation
within using food to evolve me as the mind

 I commit myself to assist myself to accept and allow me
 to see all food - as plants and animals
and all textures
as expressions/manifestations of Life

equal to who i am

realizing that the body of humans
is equal to the body of animals
is equal to the body of plants
is equal to the body of nature
is equal to the body of matter

Continued on Part 2

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