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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cooked Pumpkin Pie Mathematics: Anxiety, Fat Etc. Part 5 Day 37 Reaction Dimension: Quantum Systemization


In my last blog, I wrote about the fear dimension/layer of when i see the  pumpkin pie on the table.
In this blog, I am looking at my reaction of anxiety,  when in front of the pumpkin pie.
 I am using elementary mathematics to show how I add to the value of the pumpkin pie instead of seeing its real value as equal to Life.
I am using self-forgiveness,  writing a commitment script and moving myself breath by breath moment by moment  to correct myself  as i birth myself as equal to and one with Life.



Reaction = Anxiety

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to react in anxiety 

when i see a cooked pumpkin pie in front of me 

believing it has a lot of sugar and flour which i have defined 

as 'fatty foods' 

and as i imagine the texture of pumpkin resembling that

of feces which i have defined as having a foul smell

me as the mind 

react and 

animate mind characters/personalities

 to make it real

having connected its texture with feces

having connected it to sugar, flour and fat

which i have connected 


 not being liked

fear of being ugly

 fear of being inferior

 fear of being alone

 fear of not existing



i cannot see the pumpkin pie

 as equal to who i am

as i experience me as the mind

 reacting to the pumpkin pie

not seeing realizing and understanding 

the extent of the process of 


when i go into a reaction of anxiety

the energy i use 

for this reaction to happen

as emotions and feelings

within the mind 

comes from an energy source

which is the physical body

not asking myself these questions 

1. Can the energy  as threads 

penetrate the muscle fibers?

2. Can the energy and information 

of the personality/character

store and layer itself within the

Physical manifestation?

3. Can this energy vortex move in the direction from the personality system

into a manifestation  from where the energy system

can move through it

and can move into the physical manifestation of the cell?

4. Can this manifest into 

all the chemicals, nutrients and compositions of 

the physical manifestation 

to resource substance/physicality

and transform into energy?

5. Can it be that - the same nutrients i feed the body 

i take from it  

 resourcing from the body to transform into energy?


Note: Please look at this reference:

Quantum Systemization Part 1

Quantum Systemization Part 2
not seeing the common sense

that it is possible for all this to happen in a quantum level

where everything is sytematized

which i cannot see within 

a limited 'mind eyes'

as me as the mind 

create characters that talk to each other within my mind


 think, imagine, have internal conversations/backchats

using the mind to also

manipulate my body 

to move in a certain way to justify my desires

to be 'happy and blissful'

to cover up my fears 


i resource substance/physicality and transform it into energy

within and as my mind

instead of 

developing a real relationship with the body

and an equal and one communication with/as  it 

to see what it requires to survive optimally 

and choose what i eat accordingly

clearing the physical communication

as in 

stopping my 

'mind chatter'

so i can HERE (hear)

the hereness of sound

as who i am 

as equal to the body/physical/substance

as equal to the body/physical/substance of nature

as equal to the body/physical/substance of plants

as equal to the body/physical/substance of animals

The Mathematics of


Positive and Negative Mind Values vs  Giving Value Equal To Life

 Reaction as Anxiety

Giving a 'mind value'  to the cooked pumpkin  pie  

equal to a 

negative value

as i  have a negative experience of it

within my mind


pumpkin pie =  -10

as it has flour, fat  and sugar which are ingredients one can find in the pumpkin pie

believing it can 'make me fat' 

which i connected to a 'negative mind/unnatural energy experience' 

giving 'fat' a negative mind value' as i connect it to my fear of not being liked etc.

'Fat = -10'

where the negative value i give Fat

 i give to the pumpkin pie as well

as i equate 2 different manifestations as 'the same'

based on a 'mind value'

which is based on a 'positive or negative unnatural mind energy value'


Pumpkin pie = -10

Fat = -10

instead of giving the pumpkin pie value = Life
instead of giving Fat a value = Life

as the pumpkin pie is made of pumpkin 

which is a plant 

The plant having a value = Life

The plant being a part of  the whole, that is Life

Fat being a manifestation that supports the body's functions

Fat having a value = Life 

that is here to support the body 

The body which value = Life 

Commitment to Correction

I commit myself to when and as i see myself 

reacting with anxiety when i see a pumpkin pie

I stop 

I breathe

I realize that i connected the texture of the pumpkin  pie filling 

to the texture of feces 

charging the pumpkin pie with a negative value

as i connected  the  texture of a cooked mashed pumpkin

which most of the pumpkin pie filling is made of

to the texture of feces 

giving it a negative value

So, i am assisting myself to stabilize me as breath

 and flagpoint myself when i see a cooked pumpkin pie on the table

and in that stability as breath

move myself from the mind to 

being here as breath with 

the physical body


I commit myself to in the in breath 

practicing becoming aware of everything 

of my physical body 

and then in the out breath 

expressing into the depths of the physical

I commit myself to assist myself to  

accept and allow myself 


 when i am moving

  eventually develop an awareness 

to at the same time able to assess 

when anything within my physical body

 is not in equilibrium 

and how to re align it 

within absolute equal and one awareness

 with ones physical 

I commit myself to accept and allow me to establish 

an equal and one communication

with the physical body

Note: Reference
Birthing a New Life Through The Eyes of the Horse:

to birth me here

as who i am 

as equal to the physical/substance/body

equal to the body of nature

equal to the body of plants

equal to the body of animals

and simply live as who i am equal to all that is here

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