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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Correcting My Relationship with The Virus Part 7 Day 84

The Force of the Feminine:


In this blog, I am rewriting myself
creating a new self that
is not driven by the mind
but rather self-directive
In the beginning of this blog I will put the self-forgiveness statement
I wrote in the previous blog for context
then I will write the commitment to correction script
of how I am going to correct myself
Self-forgiveness Statement

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to participate in the design of/as 
'fear of survival - as information - as sex'
fear not knowing what a gay man do with regards to sex
believing that i know what females do with males
believing that females are having physical interaction with men the normal way
but not knowing/doubting how males and males have physical interaction 

doubting how i will define myself, the gay men and the straight men

blaming the physical for creating definitions for gays, females and males

giving the excuse that i have to survive as information and knowledge
defining me as who i have become as the mind
which is accepted by the majority

justifying this by saying, 'i have to be whole'
believing that I have to be the female personality
that is defined to be the opposite gender of a male

not seeing and realizing that i am the one who defined myself into creation through the words i speak and write - expressing myself through words and that i can forgive myself and correct myself in my living participation to recreate myself to be that self that will always stand for what is best for all

Self- Correction Script

I commit myself to when  and as I see myself fearing not knowing
what gay men do with regards to sex with another male

I stop
I breathe

I realize that this is me as the mind
defining me as a female opposite a male
defining gays as in between females and males
believing they are less than life
believing that lesbians are less than life
because they have sex with the same gender
believing I as a female is more than life
as I have sex with the opposite sex
believing that's how life is supposed to be
believing that kids will be confused if they will
be brought up by gays and lesbians
so life will be very confusing

not seeing and realizing that it is me who defined life as such
and defined male,, females, gays and lesbians as such
so why blame life or the physical
when it is me as the evil me that judged
people according to who they havc sex with
not seeing and realizing that life is life

female's, male's, gay's and lesbian's body
come from the dust of the earth and will one day return back to dust.

To instead of doubting who I am
with regards to gender
I assist myself to accept and allow me to see
that I am the breath here in every moment
within a body

I am here
as who I am, what I am and how I am

This does not change
as I touch another body
or have physical interaction with another body

To instead of blaming the physical
for creating gays, lesbians, females, males

I assist myself to see that
I was the one who defined myself as a female opposite a male
and defined lesbians and gays as in between
so it is me who is taking self-responsibility
correcting me here
and redefining these words so I can use it as equal to my expression

To instead of having an excuse
that I have to survive as a female within gender
see and realize that I am here as who I am, what I am and how I am
living this moment breath by breath
so I will move me to stand as that

To instead of justifying that excuse by saying
'I have to be whole - so I have to be a female'
I assist myself to see that who I am is not defined by gender
accepting and allowing me to birth me here as LIFE
expressing the female
expression in/as life
where wholeness does not need separating from the source                                                                    
The Virus
 '...what would happen is they would come out
of that essentially perfect dna design relationship
the organic systematized dna
with from that weakness try and attempt
to realign itself like
fix itself the energy and physicality relationship
which will then create like an outgrowth
in a way where both the energy and the 
physical try to go into competition 
trying to fix or mame that weakness in the 
very dna design '                                           

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