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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cooked Pumpkin Pie Mathematics Part 4 Day 36 Fear Dimension


Fear Dimension 

In this blog, I am looking at the fear dimension  as  'fear that others will not like me when i get fat'  when in front of the pumpkin pie.  I am using elementary mathematics to show how I add to the value of the pumpkin pie instead of seeing its real value as equal to Life.
I am using self-forgiveness, writing a commitment script and self-corrective application to correct myself so I can birth myself as equal to and one with Life.

'Fear that others will not like me  when i get fat'


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to 

create a relationship with fear - fearing that others will not like me 

when i am fat 

and fear they will look down on me 

where fear of fat 

and fear of being inferior

becomes the force that drives me 

to choose which foods to eat

rather than what the body needs to survive optimally

The Mind Value vs the Real Value of Fat

Within this Fear
 'Fear others will not like me when i become fat'

the mind value i am giving 'Fat is equal to - 10' 


-1 is the 'least negative experience/suffering i will get in the future'

-10 is the 'most negative experience/suffering i will get in the future'

based on 'experiences in the past'


when i gained weight/got fat 

 had a negative energy experience

of others not looking at me

where looking at me 

was connected to 'liking me'

and not looking at me 

was connected to 

'not liking me'

so the me, this is me as the mind 

deciding to give a value to fat that is less than life 

based on a negative energy experience in the past

and gave fat this value

'Fat = -10'

predicting that i will get a negative experience/suffering in the future

when i gain weight/get fat

within 'fear of getting fat'

instead of looking at this  Fear 

redefine the word 'Fat'

and give it a real value equal to Life

as in

Fat = Life

and use it as equal to my written and spoken expression


Commitment to Correct Myself

I commit myself to when and as i see myself 

fearing others will not like me when i get fat

I stop

I breathe

I realized that

I connected people not looking at me 

to losing my relationship with people

which means i will not be desired

which essentially equates to being alone

as i connected 'not being desired to not being looked at, and not being looked at, to being alone'

which i connected to a 'negative energy experience'

where i connected no one looking at me or no one desiring me

to having no relationship/being alone

 within fear of not existing as the mind character/personality

connecting people looking at me as

having many people validating my existence

a 'positive energy experience'

that will give me 'happiness'

as the evil me - within self-interest and survival

only after what i will get  

which equates to 'my happiness' as a mind character

as the 'me, i and myself'

existing within a belief that there is a certain weight 

i should be in

making gaining weight above the recommended weight (120) for my height


being fat

where the mind values  i am giving fat is not real

as it is based on past negative experiences 

of who i have become 

as the 'mind memory of me'

as my 'negative experiences'

 in the past

and projecting that in the future

projecting the following values

Fat = - 10


-1 = not being looked at 

-2 = not having a relationship 
-3 = not being liked
-4 = unattractive/ugly
-5 =  below normal
-6 = will not have someone who i can have sex with
-7 = will not be happy
-8 = will be alone
-9 =  will be inferior
-10 = will not exist

so, i am assisting myself to accept and allow me

 to have a real relationship with my body/fat

where i establish real communication with my body

seeing its expression as equal to my expression

giving it sustenance that it accepts 

assisting it to survive optimally 

and  stopping me as the mind 

birthing me here 

as the body/physical/substance

with a value equal to life

realizing that the body/physical/substance of nature

has a value equal to life 
and all that is here has a value equal to life

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