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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Health Coaching Me: My Food Log May 22, 2013 Day 98

Health Coaching Me

I am studying Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I finished the requirement to practice Health Coaching recently.

I did not want to coach someone and tell that person how  to walk this process when i have not walked the process.

So, walk with me as i stand, fall and stand again and stay standing. The tool i use is self-forgiveness. The link to my self-forgiveness is at the last part of the blog.

I am starting with Myself. I am assisting myself in my journey to life - of eating to support my body.

I am starting a Daily Food Log. Today's date is,  May 22, 2013

Food for Today: 

Nectarines = 2

 Cheese balls (attended a cheese making class in Wholefoods) = 2

 Blue  Cheese 1/8 c

  Pecans = 1/8 c

Cherries = 2

Dates = 3 - stuffed with Cream cheese and cheddar

water = 2 cups

 watermelon = 1 and 1/2 c
I just chopped the watermelon

Grapes and grapefruit Drink 
Blend 1 c grapes in a Blender with juice of 1 grapefruit
Strain with

Cheddar cheese = 4 oz
Chai tea = 8 oz
Rosemary crackers = 6 oz.

I was at Wholefoods supermarket to buy something
I looked around and then bought and ate some cheddar cheese and rosemary crackers
The reason i bought the cheese is the lady said that it is made where they really take care of their cows
The crackers the lady said is her favorite, but i also thought about the unique cracker flavored with rosemary.
The chai tea is sweetened with honey and the milk used is almond milk

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  1. you can try cronometer and that can assist to provide nutritional data based on what you eat, and you can set up nutritional "targets" and see how much your body might need and correct as necessarry.
    great post, thank us.