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Monday, May 27, 2013

Redefining The Word 'Cancer' Day 104

Redefining the Word 'Cancer'

The dictionary defines the word cancer as:

A large group of almost 100 diseases. Its two main characteristics are uncontrolled growth of the cells to migrate from the original site and spread to distant sites. if the spread is not controlled, cancer can result in death.

The Mind's Interpretation or Definition of Cancer Through The Sounding of The Word:

CAN-nned CER-tificates

The body is composed of trillions of cells all working as a team - as team life - equal and one,

Being the breath within the body, we are given that responsibility to take care of the body. We give the body nutrition to assist it to survive - so we can express ourselves here as the breath within a body.

When we start using the body and resource the energy it produces from the food we eat for use by the mind to entertain ourselves to get a positive energy experience like a computer plugged into a socket on the wall so electricity can run through to power it -  we start taking away what we give the body to support its existence. The mind keeps generating the necessary energy for the mind to exist.

We start to uncontrollably take what belongs to others so we can survive - within self-interest. Team Life has become Team 'I', only interested in its uncontrollable desire to be happy as an individual separate from the whole.

When we compete with one another and run to get one 'certificate' after the other uncontrollably so we can have 'CAN-nned CER-tificates', where fear of survival is driving us, we then go for overdrive, so desiring to have it all - to be superior in this world of competition - within fear of being inferior. 

We can see that team life is in danger - so much so that it can face extinction as it is sabotaging its own existence - the existence of the whole/Body.

Similarly when the cells uncontrollably multiply we look at what is going on and start to take self-responsibility because if we don't, there will be a consequence outflow.

We start to look at the fear that is driving us to compete and look at the commonsense of it all. 

It is about facing the fear, stopping the illusion of seeing oneself as inferior - stopping the competition and stopping using a polarity crutch in satisfying the desire to be superior fueled by the fear.

Where, instead of fearing being inferior, fearing lack and suppressing the pain within our mind and then desiring to be superior by uncontrollably going for 'certificates of achievement',  imagining being the best within our mind - within a 'polarity crutch', we choose to face the fear instead, look at the problem and provide a solution.

Realizing that we are living this one life, working as a a team  that stands for what is best for all. 

We start to face our fears - releasing positive and negative values we give words,  forgiving ourselves and correcting ourselves in our living, breathing through the uncontrollable desire to win and work as team life - equal and one - so as we sort out our within ' as the mind', we stop resourcing the body for energy - we stop participating in mind competitions - we sort out 'our without' and stop all kinds of competitions for profit, for beauty, for fame etc.


The cells being a basic functioning unit of/as life expressing itself here, multiplying its effectiveness in its functioning so the body can survive to within that enable the body - within its expression, to stand for what is best for all - as part of/as team life.

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