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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Health Coaching Me: My Food Log May 24 2013 Vegan Soup With Kelp Noodles and Bison with an Espresso Crust Day 103

Food Log
May  24, 2013

 1/8 of a Medium Watermelon
I ate this at midday. The texture is firm.
It did not have much seeds and it was juicy. It also tasted sweet
i ate one and then i ate another slice until i finished 1/8 of a watermelon.

 1/2 of a Cantaloupe
I ate this after i ate the watermelon. 
I was still hungry, so, i went to the fridge and saw a Cantaloupe.
I peeled it and deseeded it. I was so hungry that i finished all of it.

Sweet Potato Sprouted Chia, 
Sprouted Quinoa and Corn Chips 
('Way Better' Brand )
I was looking for Mixed vegetable Chips - 
When my partner and i went to the supermarket, i saw the packet saying 
Sweet Potato but then when i was about to put it back, i saw the word "Tortilla' written on the packet. I cannot believe that there's a tortilla made out of Sweet Potato and Corn - i always see the tortillas made of corn. 
I kept looking at the packet.Then, i saw sprouted chia seeds and sprouted Quinoa. I decided to buy one.
I took the chips because i was intrigued by the combination of ingredients

Cage Free Bison Coffee Crusted : Wholefoods
I went to Wholefoods with my partner to buy some cage free pork BBQ ribs but then when we arrived
it was closing time, so i looked for meat at the produce department
I pointed on the meat and asked the guy working there if he had turkey or pork and he pointed on the cold cut Turkey.
I asked if this is Cage free. He said yes and then pointed at the Bison 
I asked if it is also cage-free, and he said 'yes'. 
He said it is Bison with an Espresso Crust.

I was surprised that it had an espresso crust because i heard some chefs doing it but never really tried it.
So, I asked him, 'did i hear you right? Did you say Bison using coffee as crust? 
He said 'yes'.
I asked what is Bison. He said it is Buffalo meat. I asked him if i can taste a little bit.
He said, 'yes', and gave me a sample to taste.
It tasted good. so, i bought 3 thin slices.
I ate it in the car. 
I was intrigued that even if they put espresso in the crust, i can't even 
taste it.

Vegan Sweet Potato Kale Corn Soup (Wholefoods)
with Kelp Noodles, Collard Greens, Coconut Cream powder, Balsamic vinegar  and Ginger
While at Wholefoods, I went to the soup department of the Prepared Food Section.
I got some Sweet potato Kale Corn Soup
I tasted it in the car but it was very bland.
I did not like the taste at all.
I did not like to throw it away because i will be wasting money.
So, i decided to add something to it so it will taste good.
I first put olive oil and balsamic vinegar and Braggs Liquid Aminos.
It was 'yucky'.
I tried to look at what could balance the taste of the soup where i can eat it and enjoy it.
I then looked at what goes well with vinegar
I know that back in the Philippines, we put vinegar and ginger in coconut milk.
So, i added coconut cream powder and finely chopped ginger.
I also know that we put greens in coconut milk. 
I saw the collard greens on the table so i sliced 1 big leaf thinly (chiffonade way) 
I had some Kelp noodles from my raw food stash so  i put it in.
It tasted good and the warm noodles was comforting to have for dinner while watching a movie with my partner

Note: In the next blogs i will look at my fears and desires within my food choices

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