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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chia Coconut Jackfruit Pudding: Vegan


Chia Coconut Jackfruit Pudding

1 T plus 1 tsp white chia seeds
1/2 c coconut milk ('So good' brand, canned or fresh)
1 T unrefined coconut palm crystals/sugar

1 ripe jackfruit sliced (if canned, wash it in water, then slice into thin strips)
1 pitted medjool date (or if using smaller ones use 2) sliced 

Put the chia seeds in the coconut milk with the coconut palm crystals/sugar.
Mix with a wire whisk.
Leave for 2 hour or more until it's gel like in consistency.
Add the topping.


Putting the chia seeds in

Chia seeds in the coconut milk with the coconut palm crystals/sugar

Mixing with a wire whisk

Leave for 2 hours or more until it's gel like

sliced jackfruit 

The finished dish

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