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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Food Labels, Supermarkets, Pleasure and Food

What is the first choice for pleasure in the US?

Sex is number 3 in the list and  Shopping is the number 1 choice.

We seek for pleasure in the supermarket. 

We use food to make us happy. 

We do not look at what's in it for the body and what role our mind plays in this.

Why should we look after our body and give it optimum nutrition?

Because the body is giving us the vehicle to move around and express ourselves 

Why should we care?

Because we want to move around and express ourselves and live life fully 

Why should the officials care?

Because there will be consequence outflow and it will eventually come back on us and then we as a group - team Life, will eventually deal with it. So why not deal with it now?

Food, according to the Word Web is any substance that nourish our body.

I find it common-sensical that every food sold should have a label showing how much of the vitamins, minerals etc.- all nutrition information that is in that food shown, so that when we pick up a food item, it is not about what one expert said was good for us but what food combination should we eat to support our body optimally that we will be looking for in the supermarket.
What vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds can we buy and prepare that will give our body optimum nourishment?
The labels should assist us in figuring this all out.
The next thing to do?
Food preparation.
Food preparation can be as simple as putting salt and some spices to make it pleasing enough for the mouth to chew on and helpful enough for the body to digest and make available for all parts of it to function effectively.
Portions and calories shown in labels are okay but will not help us see how much nutrition (all of it shown either through codes, labels etc.) the particular food item has. It should not just show us Vitamin D and Calcium or Vitamin A and C but it should show us all nutrition information for data gathering to support the body. 
and believe that because we have made these revisions - that life will change.
We are diminishing ourselves by giving ourselves some help, but not all help that we need to help everyone effectively.
Why don't we empower ourselves to give ourselves all the help we need to live life fully?
I have a suggestion.
What about if we put our heads together and figure out how we can sort out the food problem by giving all the means to get all the basic necessities all need and label all food items in such a way that we can see all the nutrition that is in the food item we are buying and then use it to look for complimentary food items that we need to buy, to help the body get optimum nutrition? 
Having said that, we have to make sure that the nutrition the body gets stay in the body for the purpose that it was intended for - for proper functioning of the body.
It does not make sense to give the body nutrition and then take it away, for the mind to use to judge or blame ourselves or another. We have to learn to stop ourselves from participating in both positive and negative 'self-talk' because the polarity creates conflict and friction that needs energy being taken from the body.
It is the simple things that matter that we fail to do.
Let's look again with open eyes and see what we missed, and give it to ourselves.

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