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Thursday, March 13, 2014

No Cook Coconut Banana Pudding with Goji Berries

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In the Philippines, we have a dessert called 'Guinatan'. This is a dessert cooked with sticky rice flour made into balls and refined sugar.  This is a dessert cooked in a soupy broth made of coconut milk. It has sliced bananas (similar to plantain in the US, called 'saba'), the sticky rice balls, the sweet potatoes, taro and jackfruit.
This recipe uses agave nectar. I also use unrefined coconut sugar when i have it in my pantry.
White Chia Banana Coconut Pudding
Note: black chia seeds can also be used in place of white chia seeds in this recipe
2 c coconut milk  ('So Good' brand in the US)
2 T Agave Nectar (or any unrefined sweetener like coconut nectar etc.)
1/2 c white chia seeds (search online or from Wholefoods in the US)
1 banana sliced                                                                                                                                                                                  
1 T Goji berries (optional)
1. Put the coconut milk, the sweetener, the chia seeds and the banana slices in a bowl
2. Leave the Chia seeds soaked in the coconut milk for 20 min.(or more)
3. When it turns into a gel, add the goji berries (or you can put it in the beginning)
4. Enjoy.

Walk Through:
I measured the coconut milk 
Then, i put it in a bowl with the sweetener.
I put the white Chia seeds in and mix it with the coconut milk using a wire whisk
I added the banana slices which i cut fairly thin until the mixture turns gel like.
Then, I added the Goji berries (optional)
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