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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fear of Death: Animal and/or Vegetable Meat or Air for Food? Day 65


Topic: Fear of Death

Why I Use Mathematics
I am using mathematical symbols to show that the mind values i have given 
are  not real and illustrate how giving values equal to life to all that is here is commonsensical.

Why i am using Self-forgiveness


Self-forgiveness Statements:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to participate in the design of/as 'fear of survival - fear of existing - as form'

fear death, where i developed a relationship with fear 
to death
knowing that my time on earth is limited 

where within this 
i time travel within the different compartments within my  mind
every time i have a thought about what happened in the past, a person in the past etc.
not fully aware 
not here in/as the physical body
not seeing fully/directly who i am in relationship to/as the body 
and this physical existence
and how it transforms itself 
in/as all the dimensions it exist in/as

not seeing directly how it functions
not seeing directly how it expresses itself - as equal to all that exist 
not having an equal and one  real relationship with/as the body

only seeing the body through my mind's eyes based from 
how i feel - good or bad
seeing the body through my mind's eyes
based from information and knowledge i heard/read/seen

taking this knowledge of death 
transforming it into fear

never really seeing the body as what it is 
equal to/as all that is here
expressing itself as a living entity
assisting me here to breathe
as i express me as that breath 
in every moment  that i write, speak or do something

not realizing that in whatever i say, write or do, i am shaping this world
throughout my life creating  what is here as the world system

walking this world and the future driven by fear of survival
in an unequal monetary system
based on competition and self-interest
where only some survive and some perish
never really assisting in establishing a world that truly honors life 
based on who we really are - as equals in this one life

not realizing that fear of survival 
is about money - as money is needed to survive

not realizing that when we assist in establishing a world that truly honors life based on equality, our fear of death will change

living from the starting point of
what is best for all
which is essentially what is best for me

where within thinking about this fear there's split in my awareness 
doubting who i am 
uncertain of whether i will live or die in a world based on inequality

Through this,
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to doubt who i am
and being uncertain of who i am
believing that i am split into 2 - one that lives and one that dies
instead of realizing i am here as breath in every moment
in a body that has different organs
that expresses itself in/as different shapes, and forms

blaming the physical for the body transforming into dust
and dying

Through this,
I forgive myself that  have accepted and allowed myself to blame the physical 
for manifesting itself into different shapes, forms, textures etc. 
for transforming into dust at a certain point in my life
believing that when it has no definitive shape like dust 
and have texture like dust after death 
it is less than life
and when it has a definitive shape like a human
it is more than life
instead of realizing that the body of a human 
is made of cells that consist of atoms 
and that dust consist of atoms that all life consist of
therefore equals

having the excuse that i have to survive and live 
and not perish or die

Through this,
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to give the excuse that i have to survive and live  in/as a human form
believing that if this body turns to dust
i will not be able to survive/live/exist

justifying  this by saying ' i need to be whole'
by changing my diet
so i can be whole and live a healthy, happy blissful life for a long time

instead of realizing that all food items come from the dust of the earth
instead of realizing that the human body consist of cells that consist of atoms 
instead of realizing that the  dust of the earth consist of atoms 
atoms - which all life consist of

Through this,
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to justify my fear of death 
by saying ' i need to be whole' 
believing that if i change my diet from animal meat to vegetarian meat, to vegan food, to raw food, to fruits, to juice , to air  (in breatharianism) and back to animal meat - i will be whole' 
believing this will ensure i live a healthy, happy, blissful life 
free from pain, suffering and death 
and ensure that i will not get new karma (from the killing of animals)

not seeing and realizing that plants are also being killed when i eat vegetables 
not seeing and realizing that micro organisms in the air are also being killed when i 
do not eat nor drink ( when i adopt the breatharian diet)

so it is to realize that i am here as the 'infinite' breath 
living moment by moment in this physical existence


Commitment to Correction Script

I commit myself to when and as i see fear of death 
manifest in my mind - i stop - i breathe
I realize that  in as much as i created this fear i can stop this
by stopping trying to transcend the  fear through desiring the opposite polarity 
which is desiring life through changing my diet
from animal meat to vegetable meat (animal meat to vegetable meat)
from veggies that does not include onion, garlic and mushrooms to veggies that does not include all of that plus no milk products nor honey) 
from solid to liquid food                       (juicing)
from liquid to light                                (sun gazing)
from light to air                                     (breatharianism)

To instead face the fear - to through writing, self-forgiveness and self correction in my physical living, i stop the illusion of me as energy 
realizing who i am, how i am and what i am 
as substance/equality and oneness remains/is here, and has always been here 

I commit myself to assist myself to accept and allow me to see through my physical eyes 
directly seeing within me the equality of/as all life - as all the atoms that is here 
as all forms, shapes, texture, sound etc. that is here  

I commit myself to align my commitment statements to practical physical living and do my part as my allocation in this world to within changing myself and standing within myself -  effect real change, aligning 'my within' as the mind and 'my without' as this world system to support life/living 

I commit myself to not accept and allow fear of death to influence my life/living
rather, to assist myself to live as who i am, how i am and what i am and develop a real relationship with food/the body/physical/substance and simply live life as who i am.

The Mathematics of Giving Positive and Negative Values 
Giving Values Equal to Life

I realized that the following values i have given these words 
are not real

'as in for example

survive = Life = +100
not survive = death = -100

money = survive = +100
no money = not survive = -100

death = -100
life = +100

human body =  has individual form = +100
dust = -100 = has no individual form = -100'

What i am going to do is acknowledge 
that the mind values i have given
were imagined mind values

to through self-forgiveness and self-correction
i can release the positive and negative charge
i gave the words 

and give all a value
equal to life


'When one is dealing with the mind, one can show mathematical equations but when one step into the realm of birthing oneself as life - no more equations exist.' ED

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