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Decoding The Mind of a Meat Eater Day 71 Problem and Solution

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I am in a way hacking my mind here, decrypting the codes of my mind
I am also looking at the Problem and suggesting a Solution.

Let's look at My Mind as A Meat Eater:

Pattern number 1
Mind of A Meat Eater
>I accepted and allowed to be here in a body
> birthed from the merged DNA of my parents
>who chose them to be my parents?
>what if i want someone else as my parent?
>This does not make sense
>Observing my parents, i know they frown sometimes and smile sometimes
>they are talking using words that has positive and negative energies
>they like some things and not like some things
>they smile when they like something
>and shout ot get angry when they do not like something
>i smile when i like things and get angry when i do not like some things
>this is good people respond to me
>i can move this body so let me copy the tone of their voice , when and what they eat and their behavior
>I know there's something wrong in this world but i cannot tell them about it
>because they seem to enjoy themselves within all these
>i fear surviving in this world
>even if they are taking care of me
>when my mom see me crying, she comes and offers me food that i like
> she wants me to smile
>they are always cooking and eating food
>and feeding me the food they cooked
>I like the taste of these foods
>my favorite is that meat dish that tasted sweet and sour called 'humba'
>i like the fat in the pig knuckles
>it gives me this happy satisfied feeling, really delicious
>this 'humba' ( pigs knuckles in a sweet and sour sauce)
>tastes good
>when my mom ask me what i want for her to cook
> i will tell her to cook this dish
>i think life is enjoyable
>because there's good food
>that can always make me feel happy

Who i am is not here. I am trapped within my mind. 
Since my fears fuel my desires and i am driven by my desires, essentially i am driven by my fears. This is what's behind my choice of food. 

Positive Energy  Experience Eating Meat, part of a Mind Pattern?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>my favorite is that meat dish that tasted sweet and sour called 'humba'
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i also like the fat in the pig knuckles
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it gives me this happy satisfied feeling, really delicious
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>this 'humba' ( pigs knuckles in a sweet and sour sauce)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tastes good
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> when my mom ask me what i want for her to cook
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i will tell her to cook this dish
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i think life is enjoyable 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>because there's good food 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>that can always make me feel happy

'...how illness sickness, disease, virus, bacteria, essentially had become physical
mini versions of the mind's systems as what the systems do unto the physical body
so essentially like the mind impulsing the physical body in terms of
turning against itself which is what bacteria, viruses, microorganisms
do that more and more evolvedwithin human civilization started doing
Interview at Eqafe

I defined myself into existence
programming myself through words spoken in the mind
creating myself through writing words, speaking words
and expressing myself through words 

In blogs to come
I will rewrite myself
To through writing, self-forgiveness  and self-corrective application 
stop sentences in the book i have written within myself  my whole life story in this book that is myself
reprogram myself
equal to and one with how i created myself
I will redefine words and forgive myself for connecting/defining words to/within other words  relating to this diet releasing the charge i gave words through giving it a positive or a negative value
I realized that the definition i give words is the way i will view myself, others and this world.

The word 'cooked'
The word 'raw'

Looking at the Positive and Negative Values 
I Gave the Word 'Nutrition'
By Connecting/Defining it To/Within Other Words

The Word 'Nutrition':

The word 'Nutrition' connected to the word 'superfoods':

Redefining the word 'Nutrition':



'The energy of fear takes the physical body and so ones beingness into a resonant state of stress and tension and when one move ones sound in the self-forgiveness as a gentle soft depth, assist and support with that change of energy and its consequence to self stability in the physical body... '
'What is fascinating about desire is also its often or frequent attachment to fear in that one will be in a desire but at the same time there will be a fear as well in how one get into that internal conflict for a moment - i want to but i don't but i can't stop myself, oh and there i go and then one give in to the particular specific desire...'

From the Interview: When Desire becomes Overwhelming 

The Problem, Solution and Reward

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