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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Mathematics of The Sweet Smelling Feces Day 60

Topic: Feces 

Why I Use Mathematics?
I am using mathematical symbols to show that the mind values i have given the word 
'feces'  are  not real and illustrate how giving values equal to life to all that is here is commonsensical.

Why am i using Self-forgiveness?


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself
to participate in the design of/as 'fear of survival - as form/body/physical'

where i do not like the mushy texture of feces 
seeing it as undefined
and its smell - being foul

fear the mushy texture and smell of feces believing that having no texture
is equal to not having a body/physical
fearing not having a body/physical
which is me fearing death

connecting the bad smell of feces
to the bad smell of a garbage can

Through this,
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
doubt who i am
uncertain of whether i will live or die
believing that mushy texture of my feces
means i  am having diarrhea
connecting diarrhea to sickness and feeling weak
connecting feeling weak to death

believing that living things have a definition
and dead things have no definition as they lose their
body/physical when they die
which i equated to the dust of the earth
that has no shape nor definition
connecting that to sameness

desiring definitive texture as i can distinguish the difference
between one and the other
believing that when things have difinitive shape and definition
they exist and when they don't they don't exist

i can connect it to other memories of other shapes and definitions
that will give me a way to imagine about things i see
through my mind's eyes
so i can evolve me as the mind
extending my imagination of people, things etc. within/as my mind
not seeing what is really here as this physical existence
and all the dimensions of it as what is real

Through this
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
blame the physical/substance within spite
believing that the mushy texture of feces is bad
and assign that a value less than life
believing that the foul smell of feces is bad
and assign that a value less than life

believing that definitive shapes of feces
when i do not have diarrhea
which is neither mushy nor hard - but just right
indicate good health - and is a positive energy experience

believing that very hard feces such as when i have constipation
indicate bad health - and is a negative energy experiences
assigning feces with definitive shapes which is neither too hard nor too soft
a value more than life
assigning feces which is mushy a value less than life
and assigning feces with definitive shape
with very hard texture, dry, crumbly and not having enough moisture
with a value less than life
and so have the excuse that i have to survive
as a human having feces with definitive shape, having enough moisture
which is neither mushy nor hard in texture
therefore a definitive shape of feces is good
as i defined health and living as having this shape and texture of feces

believing my feces smells sweet when i am in a fruitarian diet
connecting sweet smelling feces with health
believing that my fart smells sweet when i only eat fruits
believing that fruitarianism is good because my feces smells sweet
believing that when i am eating meat
my feces smells foul and very hard
and my farts smell bad

believing that having very little shit (very tiny) 
when i am not eating is bad because it means i will not shit
which i connected to not being alive
believing that all living people shit
believing that dead people do not shit 
believing i might die when i do not shit
also believing that i am special when i do not shit
because normal people shit 

believing that when i do not eat, fart, shit 
i will be superhuman
believing that when i do not eat 
and the body wants to sleep only for 2 hours
i am special

justifying all these by saying i have to be complete and whole
where my idea of wholeness is a mind wholeness
which is based on self-interest
and not what is best for all
as when i participate in either mind polarity
i am in fact taking nourishment from the body 
where natural energy produced by the cells
is being resourced and tranformed into unnatural energy
for use in my mind 
so the mind can exist

Through this
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to justify giving positive or negative mind values to the feces within being whole
believing there is something wrong with some foods and the feces my body produce
after i eat them 
rather than seeing and realizing it is me within my mind creating this illusion 
and then animating these illusions as if they're real 

I commit myself to when and as i see myself fearing dying when 
the texture of my feces is hard or mushy
I stop - I breathe
I realize that it is me that's giving positive and negative values to feces
thinking, imagining, reacting etc. 
not seeing and realizing that the feces come from animals and plants i ate
which comes from the earth equal to who i am as the dust of the earth.

I commit myself to flagpoint myself when i enter the bathroom
and stabilize me as breath here and assist myself to accept and allow me to 
see that foul odour and the sight of the feces - mushy or hard or just right 
is me seeing the feces through my mind's eyes which is one dimensional seeing 
rather than see the feces through my physical mind's eyes and see the interdimensionality of it - seeing its function - and its role in this existence within what is best for all.

The Mathematics of Giving Positive and Negative Vaues
Giving Value Equal to Life

I realized that i gave mind values to the feces 
as the following:

mushy texture of feces = bad = negative = -10
foul smell of feces = bad = negative = -50

feces not mushy nor hard = just right texture and shape = healthy =  no sickness and no death = good = positive = +100

feces that has a definitive texture but very hard = pain in the anus = not healthy = sickness = bad = negative energy experience = -50

feces that has definitive shape not mushy nor hard = good = health = positive  = +10

feces with mushy texture  = bad = weakness = sickness = negative = -50

health = feces with definitive shape and enough moisture/texture = good = positive = +10

Fruitarianism = feces that smell  sweet = sweet smell of fruits = good = positive = +100

Eating Meat = feces that smells foul = foul smell of corpses = bad = negative = - 100

not eating and drinking = little shit = bad = not normal = negative = -
not eating and drinking = little shit = good = special = positive = +

not eating and drinking = special
not farting = special
having tiny shit = special

not eating and drinking + not farting + having tiny shit +2 hrs sleep 
 = superhuman = + 1, 000, 000

Where from this, i formed a MIND CONCLUSION 
that is based on Fuzzy Logic:

Eating Fruit
The number line


Eating Animal Meat
The number line


              Not Eating Nor Drinking
The number line


  Not seeing and realizing these are mind values
i made up in my mind that are not real
which i animate in the physical
which comes from FEAR of not surviving as a body/form
which is Fear of death and sickness
driving me to chose what food to eat

Not seeing and realizing that
 the feces's value equals Life 
as it comes from animals and plants whose value equals Life

Not seeing that the fart's value equals Life
as it is gas being released from the body 
which comes from eating animals and plants
whose value equals Life
and that gas being a state of matter = Life
gas is in the atmosphere = Life

What i am going to do is acknowledge that 
the mind values i gave were imagined mind values 

to through self-forgiveness and self-correction
 i can release the positive or negative charge
 i gave the words 
and give all a value equal to Life


'When one is dealing with the mind, one can show mathematical equations but when one step into the realm of birthing oneself as life - no more equations exist.' ED

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