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Monday, March 11, 2013

Correcting My Relationship With the Virus Part 1 Day 78


Correcting my relationship with the 'Virus'
From separation to an equal and one relationship 

Why do this?
In my past blogs , one of the fears that came out is Fear of Sickness and Death.
I am doing self-forgiveness for my participation in desiring to find a cure 
for the virus. 

Why am i using Self-forgiveness?

Self-forgiveness Statements:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to participate in the design of/as 'fear of not existing- as form'

fear sickness and death
so desire/want to find a cure for viruses
based from that fear 

not seeing and understanding
what their purpose or allocation in this physical existence

to rather than establishing an equal and one 
relationship with viruses
and listen 

to instead, desire for a cure 
hoping that one day there will be no more viruses

not seeing that 
desiring for a cure 
is saying yes to
scientists experimenting with animals 
in laboratories to develop a drug
for money and profit

the evil me 
not seeing and realizing 
what i am doing 
and how this affects the whole
and how i create 'my without'
as this world system

 abusing animals within this world
to develop a chemical that will cure the 'virus'
in the name of money and profit

not seeing that
most viruses have been created from mutations
from weaknesses
that manifest in the dna 
or energy and physicality - the organic systematized dna


 '...what would happen is they would come out
of that essentially perfect dna design relationship
the organic systematized dna
with from that weakness try and attempt
to realign itself like
fix itself the energy and physicality relationship
which will then create like an outgrowth
in a way where both the energy and the 
physical try to go into competition 
trying to fix or mame that weakness in the 
very dna design '

Self-Corrective Statements:

I commit myself to stop participating in 
energetic positive and negative energy experiences
to stop the resourcing of the physical
to transform into energy
for the mind to exist
using self-forgiveness and self-corrective application

I commit myself to show how animals are being abused
in the name of developing a drug 
for money and profit 
missing the actual solution to stop
the mind from participating in thoughts, backchats, internal conversations etc.
so the physical will not be resourced for energy for the mind to exist

I commit myself to develop an equal and one relationship 
with viruses

I commit myself to  through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application
birth me here as who i am, what i am and how i am
equal to all that is here

I assist myself to accept and allow me 
to be with the pulse of my heart 
until i am the pulse of life

To learn more about the mind, Thoughts etc. 
check out: DIP Lite

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