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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Correcting My Relationship With The Virus Part 5 Weightloss: Day 82 Correction




This is a continuation of this blog:

In this blog, i am doing a self-correction script 

This is just like a movie script
but here, unlike a movie script

i am writing this script of which i am the actress
not separate from the director and the other actors and actresses etc.

but i am both the director and the actress
in the production of this movie
of myself  
looking at the programs and the patterns etc.
of how i created myself 

seeing what is not best for all - is essentially not best for me

So, I am rewriting myself 
to create another script that 
I am writing 
to rescript the movie
that is the book 
within myself
my whole life story

and creating
a new self that 
is not driven by the mind
but rather self-directive
one that i can trust
to stand for what is best for all life always

taking myself by the hand and walking myself 
step by step
guiding myself
in each and every step of the way

correcting myself as i live and express here
in this physical existence

correcting myself
every time i see myself participating in
thoughts, internal conversations, reactions, behavior etc. 

until all is free and Life is here forevermore.

I will copy the self-forgiveness statement
in the previous blog to give this blog proper context
then i will do the self-commitment script after that

Self-forgiveness Statement:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself 
to participate in the the design of/as 'fear of survival - as thickness - as texture'
fear being thin desiring to be in a certain weight range that had been designated as 
acceptable to be considered healthy, living and surviving
doubting who i am 
uncertain of whether i am the one who has texture or the one without
blaming the physical for creating texture
giving the excuse that i have to survive as a person within an acceptable weight range
justifying this by saying i need to be whole - and has to be within an acceptable weight range


Self- Correction Script

I commit myself to when and as i see myself fearing being thin 
I stop
I breathe
i realize that it is my fear of loss - fear of losing this body i am in
that is behind my fear of being thin
to rather than desire being in a certain weight range
that the scientific community accepts 
I assist myself to stabilize me as breath here
where i am stable with (within) or without a body

instead of doubting who i am - texture or no texture
assist myself to redefine
the word 'texture'
and use it equal to my expression
To instead of blaming the physical for creating texture
I assist myself to take self-responsibility and forgive myself for 
giving a positive or a negative value for the word 'texture'
To instead of having an excuse that
'i have to survive as an individual within an acceptable weight range'
assist myself to  accept and allow me to 
see through my physical eyes 
who i am as the physical/body/substance of/as all
and establish an equal and one relationship with all that is here
To through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application
birth me here as who i am, what i am and how i am
To instead of justifying my fear of survival
within wanting to be in an acceptable weight range
assist myself to see that this is balance in polarity
which started from separation 
rather, see that in  wholeness
one does not have to separate from the source

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