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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Correcting My Relationship With The Virus Part 6 'Stay Away!' Day 83 Correction: HIV



This is a continuation of this blog:

In this blog, i am doing a self-correction script
rewriting myself
to create another script

and creating
a new self that
is not driven by the mind
but rather self-directive

one that i can trust to stand for what is best for all life always
taking myself by the hand and walking myself  step by step
guiding myself in each and every step of the way

in/as self-intimacy
correcting myself as i live and express here in this physical existence

correcting myself everytime i see myself participating in thoughts, internal conversations, reactions, behavior etc. 
until all is free and Life is here forevermore.


I will copy the self-forgiveness statement in the previous blog to give this blog proper context then i will do the self-commitment script at the end.


Self-forgiveness Statement:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to participate in the design of/as 'fear of survival - as space'
fear that i will be contaminated if i go near gay people with HIV
doubting whether i am the one existing in space or not
believing that i am in one space and another is in another space
separate from where i am

blaming the physical for creating space
that is separate 
for those who are clean and those who are unclean
for those who are gay and for those who are not gay
giving the excuse that i have to survive as a person within space
separate from the space where the gay guy with HIV is
believing that if i share his space the virus will attack me
justifying this by saying 'i need to be whole' 
believing that i can defend my space from others who will endanger it
by not letting others in who may threaten that space
believing that i am a person that can be in a certain location in space
that is safe from danger, if i stay away from gay guys

not seeing and realizing I am HERE

Self-Correction Script

I commit myself to
when and as i see myself  
fearing that i will be contaminated with the HIV virus if i come near gay guys
I stop
I breathe

I realize that this is me as the mind
separating myself from all that is here in this physical existence
staying in a corner within my mind believing i am safe in that corner
not seeing and realizing that i created fear of the HIV virus within my mind
and then imagined the HIV virus attacking me 
fearing it and then avoiding it
staying away from
imagined enemies in my mind
staying in a corner that i proclaimed safe
from invaders. 

not seeing and realizing that I
am living a fear pattern
which I imagined

then I reacted
to this fear I imagined

not seeing and realizing this is
an illusion within my mind
that I am giving life to

by acting it out
behaving as if there is an enemy
that I have to avoid

when there is only me here
as all parts of me as life

I am HERE as breath
moving moment by moment
as who I am, what I am and how I am

I am HERE.

I assist myself to stabilize me as breath and
accept and allow me to see gays as my equal
realizing that the body of gay's consist of cells
which consist of atoms which consist of substance all are made of

realizing from dust we all came and to dust our bodies will return

I assist myself to develop an equal and one relationship
with the viruses 
accepting the virus as part of me - as part of life 
consisting of the same substance all consist of

redefining the word 'gay' 
and use it as equal to my expression

redefining the word 'space' and use it as equal to my expression.

realizing that when i participate in my mind
within thoughts, internal conversations, reactions of emotions and feelings etc.
the physical is being resourced for energy 
transforming the physical to energy
for the mind to exist

weaknesses which gives rise to viruses

So,it is to realize that i am the one that is taking self-responsibility

and it is to realize that the virus is not to be resisted

as the virus' body is composed of
substance, all consist of, therefore equal to all
that is here.

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