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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Correcting My Relationship With The Virus Part 4 Day 81: Female and Males as Equals



This is a continuation of this blog:

In my past blog, i did self-forgiveness for my fear of being contaminated by the HIV virus 
when i come near gays. In this blog, i am correcting myself by writing a correction script that i can follow/apply while i participate in living life.

Self Correction Script:
I commit myself to when and as i see myself fearing the HIV virus
I stop
I breathe
I realized that this fear come from my fear of not existing as form
having defined myself as the one that has a beginning and an end
not seeing and realizing
I AM HERE as who i am, what i am and how i am

I assist myself to stop participating in this fear  as the body 
is being compromised /resourced 
transforming physicality to energy so the mind can have a positive or a negative experience
every time i participate in this fear 
just like a laptop connects to a socket on the wall
so energy can flow to the computer/laptop

realizing this is not what is best for the body, not best for this world and not best for me
to rather stabilize me as breath, be with the pulse of my heart
bringing me back to what is here

I commit myself to when and as i see myself fearing the way gays move
I stop
i breathe
I realized i am projecting my fears to them
as i fear that i will not have an identifying characteristic being in a female body
that is supposed to be moving or flexing my hands like all females do
while gays are in a male body moving the way i do
with hands flexing the way i flex my hands

I assist myself to instead of projecting my fears to gays
where i fear that 
I will be out of character - as a female moving in a certain programmed way
to bring me back here
stabilize me as breath

clap my hands once
and assist myself to accept and allow me to see
through my physical eyes what is here 
realizing that the male body, the gay's body and the female body consist of cells which consist of atoms
that consist of substance - that all consist of
therefore equals

Living this one Life

I commit myself to assist in establishing a world that truly honors life
based on equality
until all is free 
and Life is here forevermore

Continued in the coming blogs

To learn more about the mind, Thoughts etc. 
check out: DIP Lite
The Virus
 '...what would happen is they would come out
of that essentially perfect dna design relationship
the organic systematized dna
with from that weakness try and attempt
to realign itself like
fix itself the energy and physicality relationship
which will then create like an outgrowth
in a way where both the energy and the 
physical try to go into competition 
trying to fix or mame that weakness in the 
very dna design '

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