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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Correcting My Relationship With The Virus Part 2 Day 79 Fear


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Fear of being Near Gay Men contaminated by HIV

Fear:  I will be contaminated with the HIV virus when i come near gay people with HIV
Thought (picture of a gay person):  the swinging of the arms
Imagination: me getting as thin as the gay people with HIV and then dying of the disease
Backchat: 'I shouldn't get near him because HIV is contagious'
Reaction: Avoidance
-Within the thought dimension, i tend to fear gay men because i do not know what they do in terms of how they have sex,  becoming suspicious of men who swing their arms near their face as gays 
- Within the imagination dimension, there's fear of getting thin and not being able to do anything but wait to die - like the tv news bits i saw featuring men with HIV
-i am amused by how they move but within that is fear of being contaminated with the virus
Physical/ Behaviour: 
smiling, eyes gazing at the gay guy

In the coming blogs, i will do self-forgiveness and a commitment to correct myself in my living participation - to stop mind partipation.
 '...what would happen is, they would come out
of that essentially perfect dna design relationship
the organic systematized dna
with from that weakness try and attempt
to realign itself like
fix itself the energy and physicality relationship
which will then create like an outgrowth
in a way where both the energy and the 
physical try to go into competition 
trying to fix or mame that weakness in the 
very dna design '

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