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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Health Coaching Me Raw Dolmads Day 6 May 28, 2013 Blog 108

My Food Log
May 28, 2013

Chia Flax Seed and Nut Cracker

I ate 1 cracker with pesto spread.

 I dehydrated a raw bread made out of Chia seeds, black sesame seeds, pistachio and pecans.

I did not measure the ingredients.
I just combined water and chia seeds, flax seeds, pecans, black sesame seeds, a little bit of salt and pepper and some spanish smoked paprika powder.

The proportion is 2 parts water and 1 part chia seeds (usually 3 parts water and 1 part chia seeds.. I mixed it and let it stand for about 30 minutes until muscilagenous. I then added seeds i like in the mixture and then i dehydrated in a teflex sheet in a dehydrator overnight, flipping it over when crispy on one side.

I saw the crackers in a plastic container and then got the spread. I ate this in the car with three kinds of raw veggie noodle salad (shown in the main photo above) which i put in a plastic container with a spoon.

Pesto Spread

This is a pesto sauce turned spread. I spread the cracker with about a tablespoon of this and ate it.
This is made out of basil, pine nuts, olive oil and soaked cashew nuts


I ate 1/8 c hazelnuts

I just passed by an open pack of hazelnuts. I decided to pick some. I
I liked the taste so i went back and ate some more.

1/4 c grapes
I happen to see left over grapes in the refrigerator, so i  picked some and ate them
then washed some and ate it in front of the computer.

4 Kinds of Noodle Dishes and 1 Dolmad

Middle Eastern Dolmads

3 Kinds of Kelp Noodle Dishes and 1 dolmad

I ate 1/4 c of each type of noodle  

This is left - over from our Buds of Life delivery (today).

These are:

3 Kinds of Raw Veggie Noodle Dishes":
Veggies and Kelp noodles with a Philippine style sauce
Veggies and Kelp noodles with a raw vegan 'Alfredo' sauce
Veggies and Kelp noodles with some smokey sauce

1 Raw Dolmad

Wrapper: Collard Leaf
This is what's in the raw dolmad:
 Cauliflower florets chopped into small pieces with fermented buckwheat wrapped in a marinated Collard leaf  with a tomato sauce consisting of 2 roma (small) tomatoes, nutritional yeast, raisins, basil , rosemary and lemon juice

Here are The List of Some of the Ingredients and the Nutrition Information of Some:
Red bell pepper
Completeness score = 76
Amino acid score = 66

Completeness score = 80
Amino acid score = 52

Completeness score = 91
amount serving size = 2 Tbsp
Amino acid score = 68

Alfalfa Sprouts
Serving Size = 33 g
Completeness score = 89

Red cabbage
Completeness Score = 82
Serving size 1 c = 89 g

Rosemary leaves
Completeness score = 72
Amino acid score = 85
Serving size = 1 Tbsp

Completeness Score = 77, Amino acid score = 56
Serving size = 1 c

Completeness score = 36
amino acid score = 100

Note: In blogs to come i will write about my cravings/desires for crispy bread and noodles, and my fears including the tool i used in releasing them

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