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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Word 'Paranoia' : Correcting Myself The 'PARA NOISE' Day 111

Parenting:Perfecting The Human Race

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What is self-forgiveness?

Self-forgiveness for Resonating and Experiencing The Word 'Paranoia'

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
resonate the word 'paranoia'
over and over again
into the very physical body
rippling through into the water
and actually program the very physical
from the depths of the physical itself

Commitment to Correction Script 

I commit myself to instead of  connecting/defining the word 'paranoia'
to/within other words
that i have assigned positive and negative values to
that are my mind interpretation of reality

redefine it as equal to my expression as who i really am

I commit myself to through writing self-forgiveness
and self-corrective application
rewrite myself
stopping the sentences in the book i have written within myself
my whole life story
including the sentences that contain the word 'paranoia'
equal to and one with how i created myself
through spoken words in my mind
creating myself through writing, speaking words 
and expressing myself through words

I commit myself to when and as i see myself 

using the word 'paranoia'  within fear of losing 
and desiring to win 
through food
through relationships etc.

I stop
I breathe through my fears and desires

I realized that within my fear of losing

and desire to win 
through food, relationships etc.
is me as the mind 
fearing and desiring
and instead of facing the fear 
of a negative energy experience
desires a positive energy experience or happiness
instead of
recognizing that the desire is fueled by the fear
forgiving and correcting oneself in ones living

redefining sadness
and living the redefined word
redefining happiness
and living the redefined word

So, within this resonant stress
of winning and losing
the physical 
reacts to my beingness' 
reaction to that 
which i thought or imagined in my mind

I therefore assist myself to rather than desire 
to love or to be the best or win
stand for what is best for all
pronounce the word 'paranoia'
see what meaning i connected it to or defined it within
according to the sound of the word


redefine the word 

stop the noise within myself

fearing one diet desiring the next

wanting whatever will give me that excitement
to make me 'more than' 
who i perceived i am


wanting to be superior

and then beginning 

a new diet
a new relationship

to transcend the 
through the positive

ending and then starting another, after another

within balance in polarity
doubting myself 
uncertain about who i have become
the one thar fears or the one that desires
blaming the food, the person, the relationship etc.
the body/physical
having the excuse that i have to survive
and justifying that

playing the game to win 
so i will not lose
in a world of competition
where the winner becomes the best
within an alternate reality - the  mind
forgetting the real physical existence

believing that this is 'wholeness'

instead of realizing that 
this is balance in polarity
and realizing that 
real wholeness

is establishing a world that truly honors life
and standing for what is best for all
plants, animals, human etc.

as one as equal

learning from the body/nature

that resonates the words
that we speak and write 
through it
rippling through into the water
the very physical
into the depths of the physical itself

the words charged with positive and negative values
positive and negative charges 
that creates a sound/noise within our mind

that drives us to desire
to eat all kinds of diets
that drives us to desire
all kinds of relationships

the reaction to fear creating stress
within the physical body

I assist myself to stop the noise

redefining the words i speak and write
living the redefined meaning 
as an expression of myself
equal to who i am

I assist myself to change my relationship with fear
to instead of fear of survival directing me
look at where the fear comes from
walk-back and forgive myself
for what i accepted and allowed
and commit to correct myself

write a script that i can use
in my living application

to rewrite the words within the book that is myself
to rewrite the patterns within my mind
to rewriting the programs within

so as i rewrite 'my within'
as the mind
rewrite 'my without
as the world system

so as i redefine words
I redefine myself 
I redefine the world

into a world that truly honors life
into a world of equality

breath by breath
moment by moment

'to resonate and experience that word or such a memory
over and over and over again and because it resonates
over and over again into the very physical body
it ripple through into the water
and actually program the very physical from the depths of
the physical itself'
Parenting Perfecting The Human Race Part 6

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