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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Paranoia of Eating Healthy Part 1: Introduction day 113

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In this series, I am investigating the 'ins and outs' of 'eating healthy' and the role the mind plays in this, where one comes to a point of paranoia. I will reference my life journey  to show how i created this paranoia and 'i will take you with me'.in my journey to life. 

I lived based on my beliefs about food.

In a paranoia state, i went from eating meat, to eating cooked vegetarian food, to eating cooked vegan food, to eating raw food,  to feeding from the sun's energy/being a sungazer, to being a juice feaster, to beaing a fruitarian, being a raw foodist again, to investigating breatharianism /not eating nor drinking.

I came to a point where i asked myself, 'If eating is good, then not eating cannot be good', and if not eating is good, then eating cannot be good. Am i missing something?'

I will be looking at this question in the coming blogs.

Through this series i will open up how i lived these beliefs.

Before i investigated breatharianism, i was diagnosed with cancer.

I opted not to take chemotherapy and radiation at that time for a reason and here's the link to my story,

Cancer Cure: My Story
Cancer Cure: Questions and Answers
Cancer Cure: Life To Death To Life

1 year after that, my oncologist said i was clear.

This was when I started to really look and investigate how i created this paranoia of eating healthy in 'my within' as the mind, how i created cancer and how i created this paranoia of eating healthy in 'my without' as this world system.

In the posts  to come,'i will take you with me' as i walk back into how and why this all started and 'together', we will investigate eating healthy, look at the problem, the solution, and how we can stop this paranoia that is spreading like wildfire in our society.

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