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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Paranoia of Eating Healthy: Part 2: The Problems Day 114

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This blog is a continuation of The Paranoia of Eating healthy Part 1

In this post, i am looking at why we have the problems we have in the food industry.

When different people talk about the same thing, and have 2 or more  conflicting views about that same thing/person etc., we know that the mind is involved because the mind works with polarity. 

If one says we can survive by eating healthy food and one says we can survive by not eating food, one says cooked food is better and the other say raw food is better, when one says animal meat is good and the other says no, raw food is better, we know that this is the mind. If we accept these conflicting point of views as true, we will be in a state of doubt and there can be a tendency to rather just eat meat. In the meat industry, there are also those who believe that 'chicken is good while pork and beef  is bad' for example - those who believe that white meat is better than red meat because it has less cholesterol.

We are not stable in how we view food. We see food as separate from us - we see it as something that is here to just give us happiness/satisfaction/fullness/health etc. We do not see food  as part of the whole that is life- when it really is. 

In this confusion, we divided food into categories based on our fear of sickness  (fear of survival) and instead run after what we desire within our idea of 'how we can be healthy'.

If we rely on people's point of views both positive, negative or neutral, which is a mind interpretation of reality, within an alternate reality - as the mind, where we are alternate versions of ourselves, we will have a relationship to that which we are looking at. 

We will interpret what we see, hear etc. We will look at people, things etc. in either a positive, neutral or a negative 'light' according to what we connect/define the word to/within. 

There will be conflict and friction, and that, we can see now. We are in the brink of World War 3  right at this moment i am writing this blog. 

War starts within. 

We will separate ourselves into groups and instead of living life as equals - all in agreement to stand for what is best for all or what will benefit all, we will be at war with one another only thinking about our own self-interest. 

We will exist in a world within a condition of fear, doubt, blame etc., not realizing we are here living life as the breath in every moment interacting with each other in this one life.

So, i would like to look at the problem being this paranoia that is the noise within our mind based from our fears which fuels our desires

This fear is being impulsed by advertising which makes us desire to buy products we mostly don't need.

The problem:

Firstly, the definition of words that we use are based from different people's point of views  

I did not even question this. 
In my research, i found out that words written in the dictionary are words coming from people's point of views

As we participate in the mind and as we use words that had been given a positive value and a negative value, we cannot give the word we use a definition that is without  a charge

We use the words and connect them to and define them within other words, with either a both positive and a negative value. 

As we fear something that will threaten our survival. we connect some words to other words that we have given a positive value, so we can win. We also connect it to other words that we have given a negative value which makes us react to the word in a negative way, experiencing the word in that way. 

When i hear the word 'vegetarian' for example, when i am with my vegetarian friends i 'become happy' knowing that they support me in my decision to be vegetarian - in a way this makes me feel i have won them to agree with me in my decision. 

On the other hand, when i am with people who eats meat, i feel uneasy because i feel they do not support my decision and sees them as a threat to my survival within that decision. We are being impulsed by the media and everyone in our environment through words they speak and write.

So, this will not create a scenario that will benefit all. 

Words has to be redefined as equal to our expression as who we really are- for that which is what is best for all of us in this physical existence - humans, animals, plants etc.

SecondlyResonant State of Stress and Tension based from fear 
Fears which fuels our desires

The Fears:
Fear of Survival/Loss
Fear of being alone
Fear of Death
Fear of Being Sick
Fear of looking bad/ugly
Fear of Pain
Fear of Suffering
Fear of Being Poor
Fear of Difficulty etc.
Desire to Survive
Desire to Live
Desire to be Happy
Desire for Eternal Life
Desire for Love and Bliss
Desire for a relationship
Desire to eat different kinds of food
Desire to be Healthy
Desire to be Rich
Desire to work
Desire to be popular etc.

Thirdly, My fears which fuels my desires - are being exploited for money and profit

 "A desire, within Imagination is always the result of some form of brainwashing. If you take that desire and you live it in the physical reality - you will see it never meets your Imagination." - Bernard Poolman

Links to
Decoding My Mind

As businesses use tools to predict what the public want, they can predict my programming (based on my fears and desires) - using surveys etc.

Businesses get money and profit from predicting my fears and my desires, they survey me for what i need/desire and sell them to me for profit

They package goods that i like,  in plastic containers etc. , the way i like (DESIRE)  it
to get me to buy the products for them to get money and profit.

They exploit our fears which fuels our desire to buy products for money and profit.

The present world system feeds our FEARS - as it translate to Money

Within identifying the problem lies the solution.

Rather than look at satisfying our desires - i suggest we look at our fears, investigate where it comes from and take self-responsibility for creating them in our 'within' as the mind and in our 'without' as this world system. 

It will benefit us all to look at what is here in this physical reality because we  can cross-reference  it with everyone.

So, first, let us look at the definition we give words.

'To decide which words to include in the dictionary and to determine what they mean, dictionary editors study the language to determine which words people use most often and how they use them.' Merriam Webster Dictionary

Definitions of words in the dictionary come from people's point of views. The question is, what have these words been connected to and defined within?

Let's look at the definition of the word 'Paranoia'  and see what definition we have given it that express who we have become, so we can then  redefine it to that which is equal to our expression -as who we really are - as part of all that is here - standing for what benefits all of us in this one Life. 

What is the definition/meaning of the word 'paranoia' according to the dictionary?

Here's a dictionary definition of 'Paranoia':

is a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations

Here's a Definition of 'Paranoia' that i will use as it gives me the real essence of the word from what i have seen in my investigation of myself:

'Essentially, Paranoia is the process of where you 'lose touch with reality' as you entertain the paranormal / paraNOISE of/as the Mind and then use that to define reality, which really misconstrue reality' Sunette Spies

This noise are the thoughts in my head, the backchats etc. which are normally based from fear. This fear is impulsed by the  external environment, in our homes by our parents, the media etc. for profit. 

People profit from my fear.

So, it is something i want to look at, not run away from.

What is interesting is that i run away from my fears, the very fears which hold the key to me transcending my mind. 

The same fears which fuel my desire are the key to mapping out my mind to eventually understand it and stop. 

Searching for the 'moreness' of me within any diet that will promise me long life, good looks, a good feeling, lightness etc. is futile because the fears are not being looked at and i am not taking self-responsibility for creating then in 'my within' - as the mind and in 'my without' - as this world system.  

So, within this constant 'pulling away from' the fear and 'pushing myself to satisfy my desires', i am developing a relationship to fear

I react to the fear and my body in turn react to that in the form of stress.

There is no way out but to face my fears. I have to face myself. 

Sickness and dis-ease is just the body's way to let me face my fears, so i can transcend my mind. 

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