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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 109 Decoding The Mind of a 3x Raw Foodist Investigating Breatharianism

In my past blogs i was decoding my mind as a meat eater
cooked vegetariancooked veganraw foodistsungazer/liquidarian,
juice feaster, a fruitarian and a 2x  raw foodist

I am in a way hacking my mind
decrypting the codes of my mind

When i looked at my food programming timeline
I saw repeating patterns

Let's look at My Mind As A 3x Raw Foodist and A Breatharian Enthusiast

I will bring my memories back here of when i became a 'Breatharian Enthusiast' (One who survives on air (not drinking and eating) for 2 1/2 - 31/2 days a week) and when i had Breast Cancer (2008) and look at it, in this moment:

Mind Pattern Number 10

The Mind of a 3x Raw Foodist Investigating Breatharianism:

>I decided to eat raw foods again because i find my body really likes it
>>This man is breatharian and teaching personal fitness
>>>he said he does not eat nor drink for a year now. wow, he's still alive
>>>>he runs fast and works as a fitness trainor? Is that real, but how?
>>>>> it has to be true otherwise people will find out he's lying so he must be telling the truth
>>>>>>first thing i want to find out is where he’s getting all that energy?
>>>>>>> if he’s not eating and he still has that energy
>>>>>>>>there must be another source of energy other than food
>>>>>>>>>it must be from the life force
>>>>>>>>>>wow, then this is the way people really live
>>>>>>>>>>> what if our real diet is really 'no food' and our body does not really need food?
>>>>>>>>>>>>shit that means all of the healthy eating facts are not facts but are not true
>>>>>>>>>>>>>that is scary
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>that means that the scientists do not really know the body
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i want to see if that is really true
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i want to experiment and see if that is really possible
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>to live without eating and drinking?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>man, that is crazy but what if there is some truth in that?
>>>but i can’t try that because it is too difficult not to eat
>>>>i can get hungry and die
>>>>>I wanted to know if the body still has energy even when i do not eat food
>>>>>>i have investigated most of the healthy diets around so it is really something i want to find out
>>>>>>>in the internet, i read that there is a cell that does not require nutrition
>>>>>>>>fuck, there are even scientists who are practicing inedia/not eating
>>>>>>>>>not only that, there are about 100 people employed in normal businesses
>>>>>>>>>>who are practicing inedia
>>>>>>>>>>>and one of them is the scientist that discovered this cell that did not need nourishment
>>>>>>>>>>>>when i researched about inedia and breatharianism in the internet i found out
>>>>>>>>>>>>>there is really a cell that can survive even without nourishment
>>>if the proponent of inedia is Lao Tzu
>>>>and he just diappeared from the palace
>>>>>and that the last time they saw him
>>>>>>was when he was riding an animal
>>>>>>>he must have diappeared and became immortal
>>>>>>>>this is very interesting
>>>>>>>>>i really want to investigate this diet myself
>>>>>>>>>>because this can be the way to immortality

My Fears and Desires:

Fear: Fear of death
Desire: Desire to be immortal

Fear: Fear of not geting energy when i do not eat
Desire: Desire to have continuos energy supply with or without food

Fear: Fear of NOT finding out where the energy of the breatharian man comes from
Desire: Desire to find out where the breatharian man gets energy

*Note: In blogs to come, i will do self-forgiveness for my fears

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