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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Paranoia of Eating Healthy: Part 3: Words and Food' : Breatharian day 115

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This blog is a Continuation of The Paranoia of Eating Healthy:

In this post i will look at the first problem which is our use of words when describing the kind of food we eat. or not eat and how i lived this within what i believed and see this also being lived by others in this world.
I will focus here on the word 'Breatharian' .

Here's The First Problem:

The definition of words that we use are based from different people's point of views  

Words are letters/symbols that we put together to form words, sentences and paragraphs that we speak and write. Our definition of these words is how we see ourselves, others and this world.

The word 'Breatharian'.

I connected this word and defined it within the word 'superhuman' which made me see it and experience it in a positive way.

On the other hand, i connected this word also with the word 'die' which makes me see it in a negative way.

I have charged the word with a positive and a negative value.

I have given the word 'breatharian' a value that is more than or less than what it is. .

I created within my mind a desire to try it  believing that if i can live without eating or drinking i will be superhuman and a fear - that if i try it, i will get sick and eventually die.

I had given the word a positive and a negative charge that makes me see it in a positive or a negative way.

I developed an energetic relationship with this word - like a 'love and hate' or a 'win and lose' relationship.

I saw this word. as separate from me - reacting to/it and experiencing it in a positive or a negative way

Having a 'love and hate' or a 'win and lose' relationship with this word is NOT going to benefit me nor the person i am communicating to about it.

What will happen is, that:

1. Both of us will start reacting to this word 'positively or negatively.

Releasing the positive or the negative energy charge we have connected it to/defined it within.will be best for me and the person i am communicating this word with

If we do not release this energy charge, we will either start arguing about this word or we will start liking each other, because we have the same words we connected it to like for example, 'immortality', where we will feel it is going to open the door for 'immortality'

Believing that since mortals eat, if they stop eating and survives without eating, they then become superhuman   or immortal.

The person who i am talking  to that has connected the word 'breatharian' to the same words i connected the word to will agree with me bacause he/she has read  the same books that i have read about 'breatharianism' or listened to the same people i have listened to who is practicing this.

On the other hand, if the person i am talking to about 'breatharianism' is a medical doctor who is certain one will die when one does not eat nor drink, he will argue that this will lead to 'death' brcause he studied the human body and read books that tell him so.

Here's an example:

The 'Negative Experience':

When the Australian television programme 60 Minutes challenged her to demonstrate how she could live without food and water, the supervising medical professional Dr. Beres Wenck found that, after 48 hours, Jasmuheen displayed symptoms of acute dehydrationstress, and high blood pressure.[2] Jasmuheen claimed that this was a result of "polluted air". On the third day, she was moved to a mountainside retreat about 15 miles from the city, where she was filmed enjoying the fresh air she said she could now live on happily.
'However, as the filming progressed, her speech slowed, her pupils dilated, and she lost over a stone (6 kg or 14 lb) in weight. After four days, she acknowledged that she had lost weight, but stated that she felt fine. Dr. Wenck stated: "You are now quite dehydrated, probably over 10%, getting up to 11%." The doctor also announced: "Her pulse is about double what it was when she started. The risk if she goes any further is kidney failure."[2] Jasmuheen's condition continued to deteriorate rapidly in the clearly demonstrated context of acute dehydration, despite her insistence to the contrary. Dr. Wenck concluded that continuing the experiment would ultimately prove fatal. The film crew concurred with this assessment and ceased filming'

The 'Positive Experience'

'I am free. I do not need anything physical to be alive'' Akahi

I myself had both positive and negative 'beliefs' when i was investigating 'breatharianism' :

2. This polarized thinking is not going to benefit us, rather, we will separate ourselves into groups.

One group supporting our 'dietary choice' and one group against that particular diet.

We will not be seeing each other as equals.

We will start seeing each other according to the connections/definitions we have given the word. One who connects breatharianism for example to 'freedom' and  one who connects 'breatharianism to 'death'

So, we will be seeing each other within our mind, and not as who we really are.

We will then start classifying people according to what classification they believed they are in - as per the positive or negative experience they have with this word.

We will start separating from each other and develop a 'love and/or hate' relationship with each other.

We will then see one another as more than or less than ourselves

So, we will see food the same way.

We will develop a positive or a negative relationship with food as we give it a positive or a negative value, never an equal and one relationship with it, nor the body.

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