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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

.Purple Yam Custard: Sentient Vegetarian: Philippine 'Ube Halaya' With Stevia

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    Ube Custard

This dish is served as a sweet in the Philippines with about 1/2 c or more refined sugar eaten with other sweets. I used this as a custard here in this recipe by itself or with meat. I eat about 2-3 Tablespoons of this in one sitting. I realized how i ate this sweet before when i was with family and friends celebrating, was not as food but as something that will entertain me so that i can be happy. I am now looking at my blood sugar reading and I can see that I can regulate the portions of food i eat that supports my body.

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1/3 c dried ube or purple yam powder
Note: you can buy it in Asian shops or the internet
 3 c water
1 c cow's milk
1 c (so good) coconut milk
Coconut  milk from 3/4 c shredded coconuts plus 1 c water
5 packets of stevia
Note: I used 'stevia in the raw' brand
4 T coconut sugar

Procedure #1 
How To Make the Coconut milk from Shredded dried coconuts:
Puree the water and the shredded coconut (1 c water plus 3/4 c shredded coconut)
Separate the pulp from the milk by squeezing the blended puree in a produce bag or fine strainer.
Set the coconut milk aside. You will use it in making the custard.

Procedure #2
How To Make The "Ube Haleya' or Purple Yam Custard
Heat a pot in medium heat.
Add all the ingredients in the pot.
Stir in very low heat for about 45 minutes or according to the consistency you desire.
Serve as a side sauce or as a sweet custard

Note: I eat about 3-4 Tablespoons of this in one sitting


Shredded coconut with water in the blender

Blended dried shredded coconut meat with water ready for coconut milk extraction

The purple yam powder

The purple yam in a cup

The coconut milk 
Note: I used the 'so good' brand

All the ingredients in a pot

The unrefined coconut sugar

The boiling purple yam custard

Ube custard with savory cassava, embutido and cashew cream sauce,
garnished with chopped tomatoes and salt in the middle

Note: I eat about 3-4 Tablespoons of this in one sitting.

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