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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hand-Pulled Noodles Making: Gordon Ramsay as Me


This is a continuation of this Blog:

I am looking at videos about how wheat noodles are made, as part of my self-correction in educating myself to see the expression of the wheat plant in this world, in my previous blog, which i put a link above, when i saw these videos:

Hand made Fast Chinese noodles

How Noodles are Made From Flour

The third video i saw was of Gordon Ramsay competing with a Chines Chef in making hand-pulled noodles, where i saw me as the 'Competition as the Winning is Happiness' character which i am blogging about today:

I am doing self-forgiveness for/ as people who prepares food - Chefs in general competing with each other to be the best chef that can do the job as i put this back to myself and look at how i created this world as i participated in my mind 'within' and create people like me in this world as my 'without'

Releasing My Desire To Compete as One Who Prepares Food For Others
Using Self-forgiveness

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to desire to win and be the best chef so that i will have many people watching my show and will be famous - within self-interest, coming from the fear of losing - which is fear of suffering, as the 'Winning is Happiness' Mind Character, where,

My Thoughts:
'It's easy to do that'
'I can learn to do that easy'
'How can i be the best Chef?'

My Imagination:
Myself on tv being interviewed by BBC News or Oprah

My Backchat/Internal Conversation within my Mind:
'i got to do this right, or else this guy is going to beat me'
Myself on tv being interviewed by BBC News or Oprah
My Reaction
Excitement, Anxiety, Apathy

My Physical Behaviour

Heart beating fast
Holding  breath

Arms in big up and down movements

Is showing i am not HERE as breath, i am within my mind in a movie i created, playing my role as the 'Winning is Happiness' mind character trying to win,

- where i go within my mind to think and and imagine that me and another chef is preparing the same dish and me winning

- where i imagine me being interviewed on tv and by Oprah which gives me a lot of exposure for all to see i am the best - to make me famous - so i can be happy - that i lived a life as a famous chef

- not seeing and realizing that i separated myself from what is here by existing as the 'best chef' character within my mind and have pictures and memories of me 'winning as a chef', where in that alternate reality 'i am the best and i always win'

- where i go further within my mind and with the thoughts and imaginations and pictures i have internal conversations as in, 'i got to do this right, or else this guy is going to beat me'
- where my driving force in this winning the competition and desiring happiness from winning

- instead of me seeing what is here as where the wheat was planted, how much labor went into making the flour noodles

- where i am 'unaware of the expression of the wheat as equal to my expression here

 - 'unaware that the wheat draws nutrients form the soil and this body i am in draws nutrients from the soil as the earth - which shows me - all are made from the same physical/substance all are made of

- where i miss the point of equality of/as all life

 -where i miss a breath, in holding my breath in 'amazement' of how the chefs are doing and how their work is less than or more than mine

- where i focused on self-interest within entertaining myself on thinking how can i be the best in what i do

- where the awards i will get in being the best chef becomes a testament of what i did on earth

- not realising that it is not what i do, it is who i am in what i do, the platform i am standing on

-where i did not ask myself the question:

Is this me as the mind character as the, 'I am the best In what i do and i am proud of what i do - work as my happiness' MIND CHARACTER that i created within my mind?

Not realizing i am HERE, as the PHYSICAL CHARACTER

as flesh , as blood, breathing - in oneness with life
Self-Commitment To Correction 
Recreating A 'New Self' That Can Be Trusted
To Always Stand For What Is Best For all 

So, I am correcting myself, in my self-commitment script:

I commit myself to when and as i see myself desiring to win and be the best chef - i stop - take a breath, and to:

Correcting Me within Desiring To Compete

- Instead of participating in competition i just do what i do - prepare food to assist the body to function optimally

Correcting Me Within Going Within My Mind and Thinking The Following Thoughts:

- Instead of  thinking, 'It's easy to do that'
 - i stop judging work as easy or difficult according to my beliefs, and to just do what i have to do to
prepare food for others to assist their body to function optimally

- Instead of thinking, 'I can learn to do that easy'

- I stop thinking and just learn how to do what i need to learn to do

- instead of thinking, 'How can i be the best Chef?'

- I stop thinking and assist myself to see the common sense in simply living as who i am - equal to all that is here

Correcting myself Within Imagining I Am The Best:

-Instead of imagining Myself on tv being interviewed by BBC News or Oprah

- I stop imagining and bring myself back here, assist myself through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application to release the definition of me within desiring 'fame and fortune' as the 'Fame and Fortune is Happiness' Mind Character

- and simply do what i do to survive, assist in establishing a world that truly honors life and live as who i am as equal to all that exist

Correcting Me Within Reacting:

- Instead of reacting and be excited, anxious, and apathetic
- take a breath and release the memories, as pictures, fears, desires,  anxiousness, apathy, excitement etc.within myself and let go of the separation by going within my mind
- and simply live as who i am equal to all that is here

Correcting Me Within Using My Mind To Manipulate My Physical Behavior

-Instead of manipulating my body movements or physical behavior - where i use the mind to manipulate the body to justify my desires

- I stop, i breathe 
and be aware of when i am activating the 'competition - winning is happiness' character - and be aware of when my heart starts beating fast, holding my breath and my hands in big up and down movements - to assist myself to stabilize myself as breath, sit up or stand up straight and pull myself up and do my food preparation as the breath here
- to identify what the 'negative experience and the positive experience' is - where i can see clearly how i created this body movement from - tracing it , 'from the negative experience of judging oneself as unpopular, and then creating the positive experience of when one starts to compete (in many ways at work, in 'relationships', in blogging etc.) and 'feel i will win', feeling excited before the competition and then anxiety comes up as i am competing worried that i might lose and then apathy consoling myself that win or lose it's okay'

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