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Friday, October 12, 2012

Who Am I Within My Choice of Food? Day 1

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Welcome to my Food Blog 

 In this blog, I am looking at 'Who am i within food?' 

I am facing the reality that my body is made from the same substance the earth is made of , the same substance food is made of.

I will use this reality in looking at who i am within food and look at the principle that 'governs' LIFE. 

The principle of LIFE states that : We Are One and Equal as All Life

I am making this my platform in looking at my relationship with food. I will look at food originating from plants, animals, air, sun and water

When talking about food, we cannot disregard the body. The body needs nutrients to survive and we get these nutrients from food.

How do we know what the body needs?

Different bodies have different genetic make-up. What is good for one may not be good for another. 
My question is, 'how do i find out what the body needs to survive optimally'? To do this, i have to communicate effectively with the body and get an accurate feedback or answer. I have to clear my communication channels.

What does this mean?

With the amount of mind chatter that i have, as the amount of thoughts, imaginations, backchats or internal conversations and reactions etc.i know i can only get a real 'communication line' with the body when i get rid of my mind chatter.

Just as in a telephone conversation with someone, when there's static or when there's a 'bad connection', we cannot hear each other clearly - this is what i can see happening when i have a lot of mind chatter - which can be my thoughts about my likes and dislikes about food, my beliefs about food - as in what i heard or seen others said about food which i accepted as my truth, without first investigating all dimensions of it, the positive and negative connections we have  with certain foods - where we do not see the food as what it is - we see the memories as 'positive or negative energy experiences 'we experienced while eating the food in the 'past'.

There are many modalities used to 'silence the mind', yet the question is what is real silence? I will look at silence in my blogs to come. 

I am the creator of my 'within' - as the mind, as my mind chatter - as thoughts, internal conversations etc.and also the creator of my 'without' as i can see that if i buy food from wholefoods, farmers market or farmers themselves i will support their business which will get them to either remain in business or go out of business - businesses which are part of this current system we are in. 

What i would like to focus on here,  is self-forgiveness - as this is me acknowledging my being the creator of my 'within' - as the mind and 'my without' as this world system, the food industry and all systems in this world -  and within this, look at equalizing with all parts of me as life - where within doing self-forgiveness i am giving me back to myself and releasing the relationship i have formed with everything - and the self-correction that follows - being my standing and changing myself within my living application for what is best for all.

This to me is standing on a real platform from which i can see clearly what is not aligned to the value that i give to myself, as who i am based on that principle of Life  - the value equal to the physical/substance that everything is made of - that exist in nature and the earth, the value equal to life itself.

So,  seeing what is not aligned to the value i give myself, i start writing/blogging and doing self-forgiveness for everything i judged based from my beliefs. I can see that i judged food a lot because i wanted to taste and eat 'good tasting food' to ensure my 'happiness'. When i see food on  the table instead of seeing the food as what it is, as in, where it came from, how it reached my table, the labor that was put in it etc.  i instead smell the food, connect it to a 'positive experience in the past and judge it according to whether or not it is tasty , as what i am doing is using food to please me and make  me 'happy and satisfied' , not looking at 'where that desire came from' or what 'directed that desire' and facing it - as what i discovered is, that my desire for happiness is directed by my fear of sadness, pain, suffering and fear of death/not existing as who i believed i am.

This  'positive energy experience'  is what i defines myself within - as the 'food is happiness' character - where i used 'food to make me happy' - not facing who i am within my 'fear of sadness, suffering, pain, sickness, death' and essentially 'fear of not existing'

In blogs to come, i will look at the different foods 'i like and don't like' and do self-forgiveness for the 'beliefs i have about food',  starting from my childhood.

I saw food as 'more than or less than' what it really is - as i have formed a 'relationship with the food' i grew up with 

- 'forgetting and being unaware' of the fact that food comes from the earth - 'unaware' that the body is made from the same substance the earth is made of - 'unaware' that the body is made of flesh and bones which was nourished by the food coming from the earth - so essentially, it is also made from the same substance all are made of.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be 'unaware' of the fact that food comes from the earth, 'unaware 'that the body is made of the same substance the earth is made of - 'unaware that the body is made of flesh and bones which was nourished by the food coming from the earth - 'unaware' that the body is made of the same substance all are made of 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be directed by me as the mind - as what my limited awareness -  accepted and allowed for me to see is the light, that blinded me from the reality that is here - as i go within my mind and bask in the light of 'happiness' - when i eat on the table using food as entertainment - to make me 'happy' because i do not want to see the poor people without food on the table, the ones without shelter, the ones who till the soil for the food to arrive at the table in exchange for money to survive etc.- as i fear the pain, suffering and sickness that i see around me that is real - that is here - within 'separation awareness' as i separate from what is real as the physical/substance/body that the body of the earth, the water, the plant, the animal etc. are made of - when i go within my mind - to hide from what is here and justifying that by eating tasty food that makes me happy so i will continue the entertainment and as i am the creator of my 'within' and 'without' - create this current world system based on inequality that mirrors my 'within' - as it entertains people with movies, games, music,  etc. so people will not see what us really going on when the lights of happiness is turned on - not seeing and realising that when the lights of happiness are off the same suffering and pain exist.

I commit myself to when and as i see myself going within my mind  to hide from the reality of what is here - justifying that within 'unawareness' -  i stop mind participation, and stop using the light of happiness within tasty food to see the suffering that is around me  - instead i bring me back here as breath and  accept and allow me to bring food within and as myself and stand equal to the food, and see how the body responds to it - as i prepare food that will assist the body to survive -

I commit myself to assist in establishing a world that truly honors life based on equality - where humans will get all the basic necessities they need to live in dignity and animals and plants will not be slaughtered for food and profit anymore.

continued in the post to come

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