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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Health Coaching: Fear of Getting Fat: Day 12 My Friend As Me


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I talked to my friend who filled out a Health Questionnaire, as i was enrolled in Health Coaching, who had a problem about weight loss but instead of advising her , with the assumption that i know more than her about nutrition, i will first bring this back to myself and look at moments in my life where i had an issue about my weight and write about who i am within - 'weight'.

I will first look at myself and write self-forgiveness for these and correct myself in my moment by moment application as i am the creator of my 'within' and 'without'.

 The earliest i can remember of me feeling fat is when i was young. When we visit my mom's cousins, they would pinch my cheeks and say 'tabatchoy' which means  'fat kid'. Initially i liked it because i entertain them by being fat, so i am getting a 'positive energy expreience' from that but when i grew older i started comparing my body to others.

Self-forgiveness Statements:
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to think the thought:

'They like to pinch my face, that means they like me even if i am fat and abusing myself within food, so i am not changing.'

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to define who i am within how others see me - based from the comments that they give me - instead of being self-directive in who i am as the creator of my 'within' and without'.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to justify my abuse of food - where i eat what i desire to eat because of the 'positive energy experience' i get out of it - instead of seeing food as equal to my expression - as the body is made from the same substance that food is made of - as nature is made from the same substance food and the body is made of - and instead of being here and seeing reality as what is here, go within my mind and think about it - justifying my eating habits as okay and not taking responsibility to find out who i am in my relationship to food.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to use words within my mind separate to my expression as who i am here - equal to all that is here.

I commit myself to when and as  i see myself thinking thoughts to justify my abuse of food - within desiring sweet foods which i use to entertain me, eating what i see in the kitchen like fruits or raisins even when i am not hungry - where within not wanting  to face my fear of sadness, pain and suffering- which i saw as i looked at poor families in the Philippines and fearing that i will be poor, suffer and endure the pain they suffer  - i stop participating within my mind - and breathe. I stop turning on the light within my mind and try to entertain myself and avoid looking at my fears - and start facing the darkness within my fear of being sad, fear of suffering, pain and forgive myself then correct myself breath by breath moment by moment and redefine the words fat, slim, weight and thin etc. and use the words as equal to my expression.

I commit myself to accept and allow myself to communicate with the body regarding what sustenance it needs to survive in specificity as i see the common sense of living as equals

I commit myself to listen to the  interviews of:

The Animal Interviews

The Quantum Mind:


And educate myself to support me in my self-perfection process

I commit myself to listen to other interviews at the Life Store to assist in creating  heaven into as earth  so thatTEAM LIFE as all that is here in this journey to LIFE - will Birth life on earth and enjoy Life forevermore


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