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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Creator and Created Part 2: This World as Me Day 6 The Wheat Plant, Nature, Me and Consequence

I have seen when i looked at my first 5 blogs - that when i started questioning my starting point in my choice of food and investigate the desire i have for that 'positive energy experience' where 'i feel entertained and happy' after eating some food i came face to face with how we collectively abuse nature and food. 

What i did was i walked back and looked at what fear directed that desire, i saw the fear of me not getting this 'positive energy experience from the food', either because i read or heard someone saying that food will make me fat or that food contains a substance that cause cancer or can cause some form of disease.

When i looked at why i feared having an illness or disease i saw that it is based on my fear of death.

When i looked at why i fear death i saw that it is because i fear not existing

Then i looked back and saw that my fear of not existing is based from my 'unawareness of who i am' or 'will be' after death.

I looked at this fear of not existing, because this is what i saw in my self-perfection process blogs, the Journey to Life blogs: 

What i did is, instead of going within my mind and look at all the theories about life after death, where i will separate from what is here, by hanging on to my beliefs and knowledge and information separate from me, 

I looked at the word 'unawareness' in one blog that i did a while back in my journey to life blog:

I saw that i connected and defined the word 'unawareness' to other words which made me see it more than or less than what it is.

For context, look at this blog:

So, essentially, my 'fear of' or 'unawareness'  of who i am or 'will be' after death influenced my choice of food!

Wow! 'I did not know that or was unaware of that'

I did not realize i am 'unaware of me' as the mind character/personality or the  mind characters/personalities  i act out or activate when:

choosing the food i will eat
choosing someone i can have a relationship with as a partner or husband
choosing the work i will do
choosing the school i go to
choosing the business i will do to survive
choosing the clothes and shoes i wear

I realized this goes on and on...

So in my blogs i talk also about the mind characters i act out where i let go of my energetic relationship with the mind using self - forgiveness and  then correct my physical expression as the real character/personality breath by breath moment by moment in my practical living in this physical existence or reality.

I realized that: 

 When my choice of food is based on 'my desire to experience happiness' i am driven by the mind

When my desire to eat something is driven by my 'fear of not eating something' i am driven by the mind


How do i stop the mind and birth myself as life ?

Have a look at this blog:

The question to ask ourselves is: 

Did we create this world system, the USDA, Monsanto etc. as a consequence of our mind participation?

So, let's look at the Gordon Ramsay vs La Mian Video Competing in Making the Hand- Pulled Noodles:

When i looked at this competition i saw:


Comparing how Gordon Ramsay's way of making hand-pulled noodles with the way La Mian made the hand - pulled noodles


Judgment of who can make  the 'best' hand-pulled noodles in 'record time'


'Anxiety at anticipated possible loss of prestige' - as the 'losing chef within the competition' 

Are these points existent within me?

Am i 'comparing others to me'?

Am i 'judging others'?

Am i 'jealous of others'?

Looking closely, i can see that the mind constructs of comparison, judgment and jealousy - which is how i designed competition - is existent within me when 'i compare others to me, when i judge others or when i get jealous of others'

I decided to stop, write and look at the mind character that is who i believed i am

I asked myself:

Could i have really realistically created my 'without' as this world system as i participate in the mind 'within'? Commonsense dictates, it it so.

Am i creating this world system as a mirror of my 'within' - as my 'without'?

Let's look at this Quote:
'What we Found, through the Desteni Portal – is that: there is a Consequence - Meticulous, Measured, to every single Breath, every single Action, every single Thought, every single Choice, every single Emotion, every single Feeling, every single Influence, every single Ripple Effect, every single Allowance, every single Acceptance – there is not a single thing, throughout existence, that is Not Measured as to its EXACT Nature and Cause. And this Measurement has only ONE Purpose, ONE Reason: to Establish Who is Worthy of Life. And thus, Death is: Either Death or the Birth of Life. And yet, it is Also Possible to Birth Life on Earth – without the Body Dying, because the Only Real Self, the Only Real Being on Earth: is the Physical Body. The Mind as Consciousness as Energy – is just an Illusion, so Vast to the One Trapped in it, that it seems to be everything, but ALL of it, manufactured in a Quantum Moment, through One Human Physical Body, a Body so Astoundingly More, than what could ever be Imagined. '

I saw that i can either do something driven by the mind or i can change who i am 'from the mind character to the real character' and stop consequence

The who i am, i am talking about here is the real physical character , as the flesh, as the blood, as the physical/substance/body, equal to the body of the animals, the body of the plants, the body of the earth, the body of water, of nature as LIFE itself

The real birthing of Life 

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