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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Body, Mind Energy and Consequence Day 7

Interview with Animals

This is a continuation of this Blog:

I looked at me and my 'creation of consequence' in this physical existence in my previous blog. In this blog, i will look at the body and what i am subjecting the physical body to when i participate in thoughts, imagination, reaction, internal conversations etc.

Using common sense, i can see that for me to 'experience positive energy experiences' or negative energy experiences', a 'source' must be there from where this energy will 'come from'

In my research, i found out that the body is a powerhouse. The nutrients in our body and the reactions within it make sure we have a steady supply of energy.  

What i am 'unaware' of is that the mind consume the physical/body/substance and transform it to energy.

When i am having internal conversations, thoughts, imaginations,  reactions etc. within my mind, i am separating from what is really here, and going within my mind, so i am not able to establish an equal and one communication with the body, not able to see how the body responds to the food and nutrition i give it to assist it to survive optimally.

It is me as the mind character believing the body is responding. It is me as the mind character believing the body does not like this food and that food.

It is commonsensical to stop creating the alternate version of me in my mind , as a mind character, and recreate me as who i really am as equal to the physical/body/substance equal to the body of the earth, nature, animals, water, plants, microorganisms, bacteria etc.- as all life.

The question i ask myself is, when i eat to nourish the body, am i also at the same time robbing the body of the nutrients i gave it by participating in my mind - within thoughts, imaginations, internal conversations, reactions etc.? Common sense dictates, yes.

Let's look at these quotes:

1st Quote:
'.. I’d like to bring one into within this interview is how it is thus within human being’s dependency on the external to maintain that energy physical mind physical relationship is that that caused  in the very fabric structural design of your physical body an exceptional amount of flaws – of deteriorations and weaknesses which is why humans throughout human civilization in fact really struggled physically to adapt and to evolve with this physical existence and require that external imprints of medications as encodings as symbols that was required to be constructed through the medications to patch up the flaws, the weaknesses, the impairments within the very physical body design structure and manifestation  whereas with us animals we naturally evolved and adapted with this physical existence but even us, the physical impairments, the flaws the deterioration  was so consequential …’

  • 2nd Quote:
'So, from this perspective, we as the MIND are the ILLUSION, in how we created our SELF in relationship to the Physical as Reality, as what is Real here. And the Mind is Illusion from another perspective, in that – it CANNOT EXIST without the Physical, it is an reality/alternate reality that is dependent on the Physical to exist/survive, whereas this Physical existence can continue by-itself whether humans as their Minds in the Physical exist in this existence or not. Plus, it is Illusion from the perspective that, when/as you cross-over, all your personalities, thought processes etc. cease to exist and there’s one point, maybe more of self’s original beingness that is ‘left’ when you die, because ALL that you were as the MIND as ENERGY was dependent on the Physical Body existing to generate the energy for the personalities/thoughts to exist.
So, to understand thus here, when we say “thoughts are Illusion” / “the mind is the Illusion” – is not saying “It’s not real at all” – we have made it REAL as ourselves as what we've become as the Mind in the Physical, we have “made the Mind as Illusion flesh” in how the Mind permeate/infiltrate and throughout our lives essentially consume the Physical. Thus, in this – our relationship at the Moment is as Illusion in the Physical, and so thus the process of Rebirthing as Life, we’re really in fact walking from and as an ILLUSION into and as REALITY as the rebirthing of ourselves in/as the Living Flesh.'


Self-forgiveness and Self Commitment to Correction:
Birthing Me as The Real Physical Character  Equal To All That is Here

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to participate in thoughts, imaginations, internal conversations, reactions etc. - where i consume the physical/substance/body transforming it to energy and create an alternate reality within my mind that is dependent on the physical to exist and survive. 

I commit myself to through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application stop mind participation so the body will not be mined for energy and look at how i created 'who i am as the mind' so i can stop and 'recreate who i am' as someone who can be trusted to stand for what is best for all. 

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